Fallen Hero - Beta Testing has started



I have enough time and would love to help test it.


I would also like to beta test!


Ooh, count me in for beta testing!


I’d be keen I’m a massive superhero fan


I have free time and i’d like to beta test if it’s still open.


I’m keen to Beta test! :grin:


If there’s still space, I’d love to beta test as well!


Man, get outta here ok


I am definitely gonna have to agree with you on that one man.


Dude, not ok. Like seriously.


I think I might have underestimated the amount of people wanting to beta test :sweat_smile:


This is the second round of testing, so I’m sorry to say that you are most likely too late to be able to give any huge input on the course of the game. All that happened in the first round (and a lot of changes has been made as a result). The focus on this round is continuity/flow/tweaking.


You can never truly know of the amount of people interested in your work. :smiley:


There was no disrespect intended, I was just curious found an interesting
wip and didn’t know how far along it was.


I would really like yo beta test this game. I am relatively new to choice of games, but I am dedicated to something when I put my mind to it and I will help you as much as I can.


I can definitely help out if you need…even more testers, which doesn’t seem to be the case, nevertheless I would definitely try to find errors and still buy the game if it comes out priced, that’s a promise.


Please please please if you still need someone to beta test please let me know!


I’d love to beta if you’re still looking for testers. :^)


Continuity testing? I can do that, for sure! Just like all these other nerds!


Volunteering for beta if you’ll have me :slight_smile: