Fallen Hero - Beta Testing has started




If a mod wants to lock this topic, feel free to do so.

If things go as planned, Fallen Hero should be ready to start the final beta test in mid October (16th?). That means that I am putting out the call for people interested in beta-testing this beast.

Hopefully, between me and my proofreaders, we will have caught most of the language/grammar errors, but that leaves the game itself…

Oh boy…

So, in case you feel like digging into my game and trying to find things that doesn’t feel right, feel free to post to this thread. I will warn you though, the game is long, and I am looking for people to actually try to find problems rather than just play it and have fun. I had a bit of a bad experience with some proofreaders, so please, make sure you actually have time to contribute.

I want this game to be as good as it possibly can be, and I need your help to do it.

The game itself is Superhero/SF, with mature themes.


zooms in Yes! Me! I volunteer again! Literally cannot get enough of this game…


Wish I could say I would actually try to find problems and not just play it but then I would be a liar and well that’s just plain not cool


I’d like to BETA Test as well… :slight_smile:

But I have a question…

So will you PM the link to all volunteers and then they’d have to post here or they can post in PM thread? I’m asking this because it may not be suitable to push the thread back up on top everytime a person reads and posts stuff that people not in BETA crew will understand


It will be a pm thread! I was taught how to do that.


I’d be really interested in beta testing.


I am interested in beta testing!


I’d love to beta test!


I like to beta test (20 char )


I’d like to beta test


I’m willing to browse through the game and check what needs fixing.


I’d love to help out with beta-testing!


I’d love to beta test this game. I adored the demo and it’d be a good excuse to see if my college lit classes are any good.


I would love to beta test this game!!! The problem is I don’t want to ruin it for my self. AHHHHH I CAN’T DECIDE!!!:persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere:


I’d be interested. I remember being a tester in early design (remember who first tried the name “Sidestep” as a villain name?) and it’d be nice to do that again.


i am in sir this going be fun


If you still need more people, I can help you.


Takes a lotta guts to admit that.
Ps. I’m beta testing another game right now and as much as I would love to beta test this beast, I must devote my time to prior commitments. But I’m eagerly waiting for this.


I’ll beta test I really love Fallen Hero


I like to beta test! I love this story!