Fallen Hero - Beta Testing has started



I’d like to. I’ve got more than enough time to find any issues.


count me in !! XD it’s been a while since i do betatest…


i’d love to be a beta tester! though as a heads up, i’ve never beta tested a game before.


Count me in. I love this game.


I WANT IN…pretty please!!!


I’d like to beta test, please


I’d also love to beta-test the game.


I maybe late but if there’s room, I’d like to help.


I really hope I’m not too late, but I’d also like to test.
You probably don’t remember me, but I’ve been watching this WIP’s progress ever since you posted the first demo years ago. It would be awesome if I could contribute something.


I would love to play in the beta test if I’m not too late


I wouldn’t mind helping. I have a lot of down time recently and enjoy longer stories!

I have a handful of friends who toss me stories of theirs to give a read over to help them spot mistakes and grammatical errors! Though I do look forward to getting to read this eventually.


For once a beta I actually have time for. I would like to beta-test.


Big fan… Let me know if you need another tester.


I’d like to beta test


Your work’s some of the best I’ve seen on this site! I’d love to help beta test best I can, if you need


I’d definitly love to Beta Test your game. Are we looking for grammatical errors or plot points that feel off ?


Where do I sign up?

Le do this


They are looking for the latter - “high level feedback” about continuity, plot points and such.

@malinryden - I’d like to talk to you about the beta.


I’d like to offer my help too.


If you‘ve still got space for some Testers left, I‘d love to help. :smile: