Fallen Hero - Beta Testing has started



I’d love to beta test!


Well you just got me to register.
Loved the public beta.
So if you want to give newbie a chance. Id Love to engage in betatest


Oh! I remember that game.

Sign me up if you can, I should have a lot of time available (probably).


I would like to help to test your game, Ill have to multitask between school and helping you out. Ill try my best to find all the errors and any spelling stuff that I think is wrong. But I’d really like to help test this out for you.


I would love to beta test


I would love to beta test your game as well :wink:


I’m willing to beta test!


Also willing to beta test!


I would absolutely love to beta test this game. I’ve been around and played the game since before I even made my profile on this site. I’m not a very vocal member most of the time but I am good at criticizing games that I love. I suppose you could say I enjoy playing devils advocate.


I’m so fucking down!!! Bring me in!!!


I love this game and can not wait for it to come out, but I don’t think I could be a very helpful beta tester outside of grammar nitpicks and catching variables you forgot to put the dollar signs on. What I really loved about it in the first place is how dang good you are at the macro-level story structure and making us feel for the characters, I just don’t know how I could help it be any better even sight-unseen. I guess I’m just posting to say I’m excited to give you my money ASAP.


I’d also love to beta test, if you’re still looking for people :slight_smile:


I would love to be a beta tester for this game!!


I have been interested in this game ever since early phases, and have played before. If you are still willing to accept additional beta testers I will be glad to look through the game, looking through each option to see if everything is well and in place. If I am allowed to contribute to the project I will do my best to scrutinize every aspect of the game and make sure it continues to live up to the high expectations it has met so far.


If its after October 16th then I would love to be able to beta test for you. This has been one of the few games that I’ve kept tabs on despite my heavy coursework load.

You’d just have to tell me what you would like to look for beyond the usual grammar/spelling/continuity/description errors. (For instance, I don’t think you would be looking for non-continuity related plot point advice this late in the game, so I wouldn’t bring it up unless you asked.)

If you are full on beta testers though, I hope everything goes wonderfully. It’s been such a joy following your progress on this game for all these months! @malinryden :slight_smile:


100% would love to beta test for you if you need more people! (Which by the looks of it you don’t. :smile: )

I’m an English lit student so I’m well versed in doing analysis’ of other peoples work and then writing 10 page essays on what makes the material good and what could be tweaked.

Regardless I wish you the best of luck and I’m waiting with baited breath and my wallet open to chuck my money at you when it comes out! @malinryden :smile:


Would 100% volunteer for tribute!


Would love to help Test as aell


I have the time and would love to test it if you are still looking for testers.


I can testify for this person, @TheAnalyst? Every post I’ve seen them post is VERY Thorough. If I wanted a beta tester, I’d definitely put this guy on the listing.