Fallen Hero - Beta Testing has started



I would love to beta test! I’ve never done it before but it sounds fun, and my friends always get annoyed when I correct them. I have no doubt that this is the best recommendation you’ve heard yet… even though it’s a self-recommendation.


Never beta tested before, but I’d love to help because your game is amazing and deserves to be perfect.


You have one more volunteer. I’d love to beta test it wipes magnifier

Ah, long text-based games. Is there anything sweeter in life?


I haven’t beta tested before but i really loved your demo of Fallen Hero. If you still have room i would like to help beta test.


I would like to put myself forward as a volunteer


I’d like to volunteer to beta test this game. I’ve been a beta tester for another game before and I can say that if there’s any mistakes I’ll find them as well as the others working on it.


if there is still room I would love to be a part of the beta testing! :smile:


I would love to beta test


Pick me!!!


I would like to help if that’s is okay


Saw you were taking beta testers, and I’ve been following this WIP for a while that I just had to make an account.

Wouldn’t mind assisting in finding things that don’t feel right.


Can I beta test?! I would love it if I could do that!!


I know that I asked to beta test, I’m just making sure I’m on the list.
That’s all. Lol



I will start to send things out to people now. And wow, there is a lot of people. Not sure how to pull this off… but I guess better find those errors now than in the store, right?


Best of luck.
It will sure take alot of effort to coordinate It all, but you shall manage.


Would also like to beta test if it’s still open, and not too much trouble.