Fallen Banners: The Exile (Major WIP)

Hello, I’d like to just give a bird overview of a game I’ve worked on a little bit, and see if anyone here would be interested in playing it. You take the role of a prince or princess, Who barely escaped with his/her life, and must find w new home, begin a revolution, or become a pirate King/queen, Ruling over the lawless pirates, The story would take place in a fictional universe, written entirely by me, Any thoughts would be appreciated. Prequels, and sequels may be made if enough people enjoy the first one (Which again, is not ready for anything, just probing for interest.) It will be roughly based upon my interest in history, the kingdom will be based roughly upon Scotland and England, aswell as Ireland, The lore will be based on myth of my own design, and I truly hope I can find interest! The first chapter should be posted within a month, I’ve been writing lore, and such for a very long time, so, about the end of August, you can expect a beta.


I always love the idea of being royalty and playing politics. I would be interested in seeing how lawless pirates react to them having a king or a queen.


That’s one of the things I love to hear, I’ve always been fascinated on the pirate republics, and wondered what a monarchy would be like, thanks for the interest!

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Sounds really interesting, go for it!


Will you be basing your pirate royalty on Captain Kidd and his fleet out of Tortuga?

Edit: If so, it might be good to include some of the more famous female pirates as case studies as well.


Roughly, Yes, although the story will remain fictitious, (So I can be a bit creative with lore) Many of the leaders of the Pirates, will be based on real men, aswell as many others, but the work itself, with be entirely of my own writing, meaning that the men these characters are based upon, will not be these characters 100%

Edit: One of the characters will be based on Anne Bonnie, and her other compatriot, whose name I cannot recall off the top of my head.


As long as you don’t jail her and make her pregnant to survive a hanging, I will be o.k. with that. I am enthusiastic to see you know your pirate lore.


While as of now, I have not gotten far into the pirate area of the story (Working on the beginning chapters, as of now) I have great hopes for this project, and I will update this with a beta later.

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When has that happened?

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I’ll see if I can find an article I could link you to, It did happen, I’ll find a link right now.

Here’s the link to a Wikipedia

Page http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anne_Bonny


Oh Anne Bonny, that makes sense. Well good luck Indraxus on the game.

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Also, if anyone has suggestions on ANYTHING let me know ASAP. Suggestions can be the difference between next month and next year, especially if I get a little bit of writers block! Thanks to the people who have shown interest.

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Sounds interesting can’t wait hope there no puzzle or anything like that they anoy me

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Trust me, There will not be anything of that sort, it will be based on your choices as the character progresses.

What kind of suggestions you looking for?

Sounds great! What period of Scotland/Ireland/England are we talking about? The whole pirate thing with Anne Bonnie and Captain Kidd was during the Empire days and was around the time American Colonization began. So are we going with 1800s or Celtic and medieval times?

Well, In this universe, The start is purely medieval, but then, as the player ages, more is discovered, Basically at a faster rate

My guess? Exactly like this:


oh cool! Good luck then!

Monty Python isn’t exactly the most historically accurate of sources…

Real peasants probably wouldn’t care one way or the other. They had local lords oppressing them, and the local lords had fealty to the regional lords, who were the ones who actually moved in circles with the King (highly simplified). If the high lords decided that the word of an underwater blacksmith was enough, then that’s how the king would be decided, and the peasants would probably never even hear about it.

Pirates would likely depend on the group in question, as some were fiercely loyal to their king and country, only attacking other nations’ ships (and sometimes being paid to do so by their home nation), and I could quite easily see these sorts supporting a dethroned heir (or, of course, switching allegiance to the usurper and betraying the heir to them). Most others would likely require some form of convincing, though, and if the heir ends up among these pirates, they would need to prove themselves quite a bit on their way up (just like any other pirate).