Eyes of Shan: Book One [WIP] (Updated 25/12/23)

Hmm wait i think i see the problem lol your thinking of the banquet? Just before the hunt? If so there isnt a slave to see if i recall correctly the shan’s you can encounter is at the paradise place that you go to investigate with hansels cousin getting you in. There is no general to talk to the cousin brings you with him to talk with his freind in the back whonis powerful lady of the place so to speak. Eventually in that sequence there is a choice to go to sleep or to investigate the side room that is the first choice that you make to find the secret place or not there is more but thats the start.

That’s what I’m talking about. The last time I played it was completely different. We talked to a man and there wasn’t an option to investigate. The cousin and I got to the pleasure palace we talked to a dude this time. Went to the bedroom conversation straight to the fire. There was no option for me to explore after the lights were off. Its crazy I swear I’m losing my mind lol

I think I figured it out. I think it depends on if you decide to tell Wooyoung the truth or not when you’re talking to him in chapter one. You end up either talking to the northern army captain or the madame.

Hmm ive never not told him the truth so far in my playthroughs so that might be lol but still that is strange do you still talk to the madame? If so and the cousin is with you…i imagine you should still get the option to explore. Lol in anycase sounds like i got a playthrough to do thats didferent than my norm :smiley:

No instead you talk to Captain Baek of the northern army only.

Hmm question did you decline help from wooyoung?

Did another playthrough following what i think your choices might have been leading into that point and i can say it looks seemless and natural. So if i had to hazard a guess you half to trust wooyoung out right from the start so that you go to the madame upon arrival. Its the only chance you will have of finding the secret room unless its some how possible to do so during the fire… havent tried that so i am uncertain.

@nootnoots Playing both paths up to that point i can say i enjoyed what was offered greatly and is nice to see from a different direction of play.

It’s soo good. Can’t wait for more of the game to see how much different the paths can take you

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Enjoyed chapter one a lot, but I wasn’t really feeling 2. All the choices for the protag during the fire made him seem kind of incompetent and overly reliant on Wooyoung.


This is exactly my point, the incompetence, you can even only find the den of slaves by accident not skill and even then you need to employ help from the cousin


Not sure if it’s just me, but Raon kind of reminds me of Maomao from Apothecary Diaries. Eccentric, smart, and a bit obsessed with medicine.



i agree with you on this one. for me, that was the only time the mc felt incompetent imo. i think a simple solution is have the mc be the one to think of using wooyoung’s sword to clear the debris instead of them asking wooyoung what to do.


Love this story so far!