Extreme Ball

Haha no worries. Like I said, freshman year will be revamped, I have a couple of other projects I’m trying to work on and I rather have sophomore year roughly done before I do a major update. Oh yeah, welcome to the forum, since you said this was your first time posting.

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Let’s not forget that we have something resembling a kind of cheat mode, where you can begin with the same stats you ended the game with. This being said, every new game will become easier and easier, should you keep continuing to restart your same character. Eventually, it will get to a point where you can literally goof around, exploring freely without having to concern yourself with practice. This is purely optional of course, but I just thought I’d mention it. I personally am of the opinion that you don’t need to turn the stats down if the game will eventually do it for you anyway. Just keep restarting the same character, once the game prompt you to do so. You will quickly realise what I mean.

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I forgot I even done that :rofl: that definitely won’t be in the final stage, mostly I put that there for anyone having difficulty winning until I make a definite decision on how to work in all the stat checks. I think I’ve mentioned it before (not sure) but this was my first IF with stat checks. Which also… It’s your first year of even playing the sport on a team outside of just backyard games. So I do want you to figure out the best way to play.

Pretty much Michael starts off as the star player (hence his position and also being a year older than you) so there will be an opportunity to play his position eventually.

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Think of it this way…there must be a reason she is coaching a high-school, instead of a more prestigious university or pro team. Yeah, she’s flawed and a hardass…that also makes her more real to me. And if the mc is gonna have to work with different coaches in the college and pro stages we will no doubt get to see some of the other archetypes of sports coaches too.

I feel my mc would have competition from his own boyfriend no less, Adam, for that one. After all, as cute as that would be, I don’t think Adam transferred just for my mc. Still looking forward to more interactions with him, I like him and he seems a cute young gentleman off the field.

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Mostly the coaches are at your school due to being alums, as well as Ramirez’s father, who doesn’t want her growing up “with a silver spoon,” which your school isn’t a slack school, sure there are more prestigious schools. Yours is more or less a shadow of it’s former self. At least that’s the way I intended for it.

Adam/Amanda’s transfer is primarily to take Ramirez’s place on the field but also to give the player another RO. Which will be fleshed out even more. I’m sure I’ll add a in story reason for the transfer.

There will definitely be more characters, especially the college years as well as other interactions. Even in high school you will be able to partake in “extracurricular activities,” which will have an effect on your future.

One of the reasons why the social interactions are lacking, is due to me wanting to provide as many outcomes as possible and let’s face it, socializing can go several different ways. I’m wanting to have every choice matter, sure there will be some scripted scenarios that take place. But you will be able to shape your story your way, outside of the scripted scenarios.


I’ve never had a coach that didn’t know when to turn off the hardlining. I was simply pointing out how it’s an integral part of the job in real life if you’re actually trying to become accomplished, but if there’s a true story reason why ours is refusing to do that even though she’s not a novice coach, I am genuinely interested to learn it. There are coaches who think this way, but they are pretty rare for a reason. You need that positive reinforcement or lowered guard moments, even the hardest coaches have those, because they’re still people. Whether I agree with her coaching style or not isn’t the point anyways, she’s lacking those human moments to broaden her characterization beyond “coach.”

But I do see what you’re saying and I prefer hardass coaches myself; it’s just never their entire personality.

Yeah, I’ve seen and used it, but since it’s not going to be present in the final game, the difficulty is still a little shaky, in my opinion.

That will definitely be a competition!

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I agree that there could be much expanding to do on the social bits if the author wants, including more fleshed out dates with the ro’s. In that vein the coach could use some polishing too.

And, like I said, I feel we’re going to meet some of the other sports coach archetypes in the future of the mc’s career too. Maybe our college coach will be the opposite style, lot’s of pep-talks and positive reinforcement, while the assistant coach takes over the more hardass stuff. That sports version of good/cop bad cop. But at the mc’s highschool level there do not seem to be assistant coaches.


Here’s hoping! Having the best EB player ever as your coach is a big deal, but I do hope we’ll see different takes like you mention. The current one already gets a lot of other things right, I am interested to see what else @spoano can nail.


There will definitely be more fleshed out social interactions (especially dates) it may not seem that way, but there’s going to be quite a list to the potential ROs. Including two that you get to basically use someone from your real life, although difficult to do :rofl: Coach Singleton is the assistant coach, while Dibbs is the head coach.

I actually done a name change for Singleton mid-writing, but for the most part, I also done very little editing. Then adding the birthday party was a bit of a nightmare, which is why it’s not very fleshed out at all, because it is also determined by, who you have actually met also…

@SilverSwordSlayer college coaches will probably be determined by what college you end up going to/if you even go. The more prestigious of the college, the better the coaching.

Which, you will be able to put your name in for the pro-draft, if you decide to skip college (not really recommended) bare minimum for being drafted by a better pro-team would be to at least wait until your Junior college year before announcing your eligibility for the draft (even better if you go all four years in college) of course there are other factors…

Your life off the field will factor a tad bit, but skill stats and game stats will be major factors. There will be opportunities to gain a notorious reputation (hence the brutal throat stomp) as well as a more positive reputation off the field antics included.

Drug use, drinking, getting arrested, and even having kids can be included in your playthrough (depending on your choices) and money isn’t just there to show how much wealth you’ve acquired. Of course this is just the freshman year in highschool, so some of these things aren’t factors just yet, but towards the end of high school, some of these things will be included more. If you choose to go those routes.


Careful what you wish for :smiling_imp:

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Wow, you’re going even deeper than I thought! That is always a joy to hear. I guess I’ll just go ahead and buckle in…

Huh, Singleton just keeps getting more and more interesting. I was wondering why her reason for retirement wasn’t explained more. I know she received that nasty injury, but how did it affect her mentally? She’s a fierce woman; now I’m legitimately curious about her past. Can’t wait!

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Just curious… is this game about: American football, rugby, soccer, or something else? I was looking, but did not find anything stating directly the sport.


Thank you. Perhaps this could be put in the OP … it can influence more to read the demo.


@Eiwynn It is about a fictional sport called Extreme Ball. It has similarities to American Football and Rugby.


I agree; it can be a tad confusing at first glance.


Done… I think. The forum is difficult to navigate at times for me :rofl:

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High line 3600 error should be fixed now.

I’m going to start working on a major update (more social interactions, take out a certain risqué scene, and add Sophomore year) so if anymore errors are discovered, feel free to let me know, but understand it may take a while for it to be updated.

I’m sort of jumping around on projects, so I do not have an estimated time frame for the update. But I decided to bump up working on Extreme Ball before some other projects due to the continued interest and support. Thanks for checking it out, although the thread is closed out right now, I’m hoping to move forward with PI Heirless Wonder as well, especially since it is linked to a “thrillogy,” of novellas I’m working on.

Spoiler, but not spoiler, PI and the novellas are set in the same universe as Extreme Ball. One of the novellas is out now, but the other two are WIPs.


I’ve been plotting out the next chapters for Extreme Ball, I have already had key plot points planned, just not written down until now. Your senior year of high school will be the start of a major branch. After senior year (depending on factors) you will be able to start college OR declare yourself eligible for the pro draft.

After junior year of college you can declare yourself eligible for the pro draft or play your senior year of college. After senior year you will be able to go pro. Which means… the potential for THREE different pro rookie seasons.

I haven’t plotted all of the social interactions yet, planning on boosting social interactions for HS freshman year and developing the more in depth social interactions during the sophomore year as I go. I’ll also be editing the freshman year (to also go back over what I’ve written so far and catch myself back up on the story) and nailing the birthday party interactions.

Either way (of course determinant on your decisions) Chapter 10 will bring the story back to a more linear story and really kick off the pro level story line.