Evertree Inn by Thom Baylay


In the first game if you had a high relationship with your RO they should have left with you. You probably didn’t have it high enough like 80+.


Oh, thanks a bunch and I’m not actually done with the game, just asked the question since I’m getting attached to my RO.


I love this description…partly because it gives rather a different impression to the one I had of the character when I was playing the game. :D


Finally finished the Demo, loved it! Going to buy the game now and pace myself.
My MC Lisette for the series (Sorry axe boy, can’t clearly picture you yet):


:heart_eyes: She’s awesome! Do you mind if I put this image with the other art on the Facebook page? Just let me know how you’d like to be credited :smiley:

So glad you liked it, and do not fear, if you finish the game with an RO, they will be in the sequel.

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Dear all,

To celebrate 1 year since the release of Evertree Inn, I wanted to celebrate and to thank all my supporters so here it is, the first chapter of the Evertree sequel, Sordwin! It still needs more editing but I hope you enjoy and please leave any and all feedback on the new thread for this title.
Link below :smiley:

Thank you again to everyone!
Thom x

PS (There are some spoilers if you haven’t finished Evertree yet.)


Oh, I don’t mind, feel free to! My forum name’s fine, I guess.

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Dandy really is insatiable isn’t he? :heart_eyes:


@ThomB I’ve been thinking about something, would it be possible to add other races as a dlc?
The writer of Way Walker will add races options after she is done with Way Walker 3, and I think it is a marvelous idea.
I would totally pay for a dlc that let me play as a orc/half-orc.

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Thank you for this suggestion! I’ve actually thought about adding half-orc as a race several times but have backed out because it would take time away from writing Sordwin. If there was enough interest though, I’d definitely consider it to be added along with the save function to Evertree.

I suppose it would be good to know what people think so let’s do a poll!

  • I would definitely pay a small cost for some dlc races.
  • I’m mostly fine with the races but might pay to try some more.
  • I’m happy with the races and wouldn’t need to buy more.

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Spoilery question:

By the by, I’m at endgame and I want to save both Wen and Ms.Dupree, but everytime I run upstairs, she’s always dead. any tips on what to do?

Much appreciated. :sunny:

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I normally do this:


Start at Isaria’s Room.
Go to your room and recover your money.
Go downstairs.
Go to Ms. Dupree’s room and save her.
Go to the kitchen and save Wen.
Go to Gilly’s room.
Leave the Inn.


Sorry, but since human and elf are already included I’ve got all the races I could want for my mc’s already.
I’d pay up front for an expanded ro scenes dlc with Dandy though. :wink:


I’ll try it later, thanks a bunch!

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So, I’ve gotta say the romance in this game is a matter of quality over quantity, it’s so fleshed out, Lamuel’s adorable (Dandy’s not my cup of tea, but written very well). My Favorite line in the game is “I want to be the one you’re wishing for.” So much feels in one scene, it hurts.
So, I went mad and slaved over this for a whole day.


My elf usually just jumps straight out of the window with Daisy :joy:


Your art is very cute! And I agree on you Lamuel. He’s wholesome and tbh it’s little things like that make my heart melt :blush: I’m actually surprised that Lamuel/Leah isn’t more popular since they have a pretty good vanilla romance.

…but then again, people do often prefer smooth, charismatic types more.


Cowardice is a major trait of the elvenkind, that is why dwarves are better :stuck_out_tongue:.

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welcome to Lamuel fansclub (which sadly only had one member since a long time ago XD)
Lamuel is too damn adorable… i instanly fall in love even before the game got released :rofl: so glad finally more people recognized his charm :heart_eyes:

btw, i like your version of lamuel @Prism_Stars (and your Wayhaven Felix) :grin: maybe we can do a collab art sometimes in the near future? :wink: