Eternal Spring in Solitary Confinement (WiP; demo update 29/09/2021 – unofficial (minor) update)

“Eternal Spring in Solitary Confinement” is the first IF game in the “The Scarlet World: Behind the Scenes of the Perfect World” IF series. This IF game is part of the Arc I: Our Vengeance.

The full game will be consists of main version (main plot of IF game) and alternate version (modified main plot of IF game). Both versions will be SWF and NSWF and will have their own endings.


My sister and I have lived in an orphanage since we were little. Our parents died when Rozin Federation troops invaded the Kingdom of Norif to protect us. We do not know if we have any other relatives, since no one has come looking for us.

When my power suddenly awoke due to the incident in the orphanage, we were taken to St. Lily’s Camp for Children with Superpowers,or simply Camp. At the Camp, we were taught not only how to managed and control our powers but also the school subjects as in ordinary school.

After we completed our training at camp, we were sent to the Zero-One program. There we were trained to be the perfect weapon. They made the perfect soldier out of us.

That’s when my sister and I were separated, I was sent to the very first unit known as Alpha Unit and my sister was sent to a unit known as Rose Unit.

We committed various crimes for the Federation. To the authorities, we were just toys in their hands. Lackeys to carry out their every order. I got tired of living like that. So I decided to find my sister and escape from this hell. I just wanted to live like a normal person. Although I do not know how normal people live, only from the movies and TV shows we have seen.

A few times I tried to run away, but to no avail. They tracked me down and brought me back. It all ended very badly for me.

By pure chance, I found my sister during one of the missions. While there was an uproar, we managed to escape. We went to Arfley City, which is north of the capital. After we ran away, I promised myself that I would never use my powers.

Wherever we went, I was treated as a monster because of my appearance. However, I am far from being a monster. Above all, I just want my sister to have a good life.

There we set up in a small apartment. I was working and my sister was at home because her health was bad due to the use of her healing power.

When I was at work, they found the apartment where we lived. They managed to hurt my sister, and I could not do anything about it. They killed her.

When I returned to the apartment where we lived, I saw my sister’s lifeless body. That was when I decided to take revenge on them no matter what, and held my sister’s dead body in my arms.

In this game, you can
  • play as male, female, nonbinary; gay, straight, bi;
  • сhoose your own power;
  • to be either a hero, a vigilante, or villain; lead a rebellion against the Federation
!! Trigger Warning!!

implied of abuse, anxiety, intrusive thoughts, death of a sibling, toxic relationship, police brutality, self-harm, addiction, blood and gore, strong language, sexual content, violence reference

Demo Link: SWF Main version
Demo Link: SWF Alternate version - coming soon
There is no definite release date yet. I’ll write as soon as I’m feeling well.



Word Count and Update
  • 27/08/2021 – initial release, edit the summary;
    Including command lines: 328
    Excluding command lines: 243

  • 26/09/2021 – unofficial (minor) update
    Including command lines: 730 (+410)
    Excluding command lines: 489 (+246)

  • 27/09/2021 – unofficial (minor) update
    fully written intro of chapter one;
    a little bit of the unedited first part of the first chapter
    Including command lines: 1471 (+741)
    Excluding command lines: 1085 (+596)


i like the title of this game. :+1:


Esto se ve interesante :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you. Too bad I didn’t come up with it.


Thanks :blush:.


The plot looks really interesting. Looking forward to next update.


i dont care, the fact that you have it is enough.


Thank you very much. I will try to release the next update as soon as possible.


I am going to do what I love to do I am going to be V from vendetta he is my favorite character for Revenge plots because he’s comedic when he goes for Revenge

WoW… This looks interesting, nice work @im_not_savior and have a lovely day with your Valentine(s)…


Hm, so basically we play as a superpowered character who is taking revenge on a tyrannical government who killed our sister… IM IN!!!


While I’m working on the update, I created a tumblr blog, where I will write short stories and tell about the world of the game. deleted

The update will be released around 23:00 on Moscow time.


Of course it’s not an upgrade, but it’s a big improvement. (probably :see_no_evil:)

The demo is now version 0.01a1. What has changed? Almost everything.

If you want to see an older version, go here

Thanks a lot to @Mistyleaf123 for big help.


Here is the first short story


A small update. In the next update I will try to post about the characters and about the world


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Thanks, fixed

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@im_not_savior i have a small question, will our MC just have super powers or will they also carry a weapon of sorts as like a secondary, like sword or a gun?

Yes our MC will have weapons in addition to their superpowers.

sweet good to know :grin: :+1: thanks