Error 404 when trying to log into Dropbox by phone to play

good evening everyone, I have a small question for you: every time I try to log in with Dropbox on the phone to play it gives me an error like: Error 404
404 error)
We can’t find the page you are looking for. does anyone know how to fix it or help me. thanks to anyone who will answer. (sorry also for the bad English I’m Italian.)

A lot of older games/work in process’s used to be accessible through Dropbox until Dropbox changed some things which caused that type of files to not be accessible through Dropbox anymore. I’m afraid that whatever game you’re trying to access is one of the older ones that just doesn’t work anymore. There are no workarounds or ways to fix it.


thank you very much you are very kind :blush::relaxed: I can ask you another question: Do you know what the methods are?

To do what? Play or create a game? Try Dashingdon.

In case you’re looking for games to play it’s also got a list of all WiPs publicly available that can be sorted through tags.