England 1519, in the Court of Henry the VIII - Tudor Intrigue - Ready to begin testing?


Probably giving the MC and ${sibling} a name is a good way to make flesh-out the characters. I’ll try to think up a name other than Thomas, Mary, or Edward (which are I estimate 75% of the names of the English nobility at the time).


This game’s incredible! I just wish we could engage in all the options possible and not be constrained by the time limit.


I know no one’s asking but I find that very exciting!!! :smile::smile:


I got two legal cases. I tried to make it as though you are a nobleman appointing magistrates, thereby influencing the law but I’m playing a little fast-and-loose with whether you are actually presiding over the decisions yourself, or telling magistrates what to do… My understanding is that there wasn’t a strict division of powers though so a powerful noble could get involved in legal decisions. If you have sufficient legal pedigree, your decisions will be quoted 450 years from 1519 and used out-of-context. There are also some parliamentary stuff.

This is all build up for the religious and political persecutions that you may get involved with.


Again, I am loving this game! Especially the new legal dramas. I just wish I weren’t so lost, and new better how the diferente stats and decisions would come into play. I would especially appreciate there being less (or no) time and choice limit (as long as they don’t contradict each other) to make sure that one explores as much of society as possible.

Also, sies taxing the Church lands make England more or less Catholic? Plus, is didn’t really understand the whole duke execution thing at the start.


Hmmm… Thanks for the tips and criticism. I’ll try to open things up, so long as it is a WIP. It will of course make is easier to succeed and cause some statistical inflation. I’ll tinker with the Duke of Buckingham story. Right now, the diplomacy route is much more fun than getting involved in the Duke’s trial.


Enabling the tax of church lands will make you/England more protestant.


Damn. I just want to make the world Catholic to at the very least delay the Reformation.


Yeah, the Duke’s trial is way too short, and a bit confusing by how fast (and kind of insignificant) it is.

Plus, pretty much all the options at the begfining are kinda useless.

Change your name

Play tennis

Do just one of the interesting actions with the poets

Meet the Duke (and maybe Cromwell)

Tutor one of the Tudors, which the son doesn’t really do anything. (What are the differences between choosing the two parenting styles?)

Interviene in the trial (no idea what it does because I only got here once and I failed)

And Diplomatic mission which doesn’t do much to be honest.

So no offense, but that first part should have unlimited choices to be able to properly set yourself up. (And the rest of the game). Trade and Diplomacy go hand in hand after all, same with collecting church taxes and conquering the Scots/Redheads.


I think it’s ok to have a limit on the number of things you can do, it gives the story more replay value if you have to decide what you’re going to concentrate on in one playthrough. What I probably would suggest is wording something in there to give the indication that time is limited for at least the first choice to let players know there’s a time limit (ie your schedule allows you to attend to x number of events this week or have a day countdown timer like going to the tennis would only have one day pass, going to Scottland would use up all your days free.) Up to you though. After the first choice it becomes pretty obvious you need to pick what you most want to do first if you don’t want to miss it :slight_smile:


That’s a very good way to put it, though some events could have natural segways.

An MC who just finished determining the tutoring of (it should be both siblings) should be able to at the same time challenge the King to a tennis match and not have it occupy more time, since after all, they’re already there.

Or in the case of visiting the duke, one should naturally Segway in this choice of informing Cromwell or the Duke, instead of having to spend additional time at the “trial” option.

In the case of the poets, one should be able to find the time to quickly sponsor one, possibly challenge one to a quick duel, then sit in on an intellectual discussion, and end the evening with the Ambassador’s Dinner, which should naturally lead to the diplomatic mission.

It’s those types of things which I think should lead to either the elimination of choice limits (as long as stars allow), or a natural Segway between the more I or ones, and then have the larger ones be constrained under a quantity limit.


Can we ever have a real loving reletionship with Catherine Percy. I know she isn’t the brightest but she deserves a shot.


If the MC is a member of the royal family (as queen or married to Mary T.), will (s)he be able to mentor Princess Mary (esp. If we have already made an earlier choice to raise her as an Englishwoman) or disown her in the new missions?


So does this mean there may be more opportunity to try to work against the homophobic policies that they are trying to pass? I thought it was rather interesting that it had come up


Liz, I mostly put that in there because you and a few others in this community. I think this is the period where state-sanctioned homophobia really picks up so that will be an uphill, but not unwinnable struggle.
I will try to have a few more cases that integrate homophobia and broader intrusion into the private lives. In an odd abstract way, the inability of the King to remarry has a weird interplay there too.
We are a long ways away from full-blown acceptance or tolerance but a “proto-human rights” dialogue has started. So I’m going to try to have more of it.


Yes. I’m going to try to have regular updates to a _mentorship_mission. That’s the goal at least. There will be several wasy to tap into that mission-stream.


love the story, but hope to see more daily interactions to make me feel more emotionally invested in my MC.

Will there be a chance to do multiple investments? I always struggle between creating a trade company to India, fur trade in the New World, and domestic investment in the wool trade. Like the idea of trading company funding building up industry, make money, and get popular support from employing the masses.


After all, multiple investments would make each investment generate more income due to the classic “The total is greater than the sum of its parts.”.


But I also know that bring forced to make a choice between them is what makes it so interesting. the pressure to make your “right” choice is what choice of games is built on


They’re all correct though, that’s he problem. Historically, the three options became economically successful, and impacted trade for generations to come.