England 1519, in the Court of Henry the VIII - Tudor Intrigue - Ready to begin testing?


I don’t know about the rest of you but I can’t wait tell we are able to have kids and was wondering if you plan for us to have diffrent kinds of reletionships with them like will it be random if they like you or not or will you be able to make decisions that make them like you more.


Is it possible to get engaged to the King at this moment? If so, how?


Is it really possible to become Lord Chancellor?


You must play as a female. You should favor the head over the heart, cheer for the King without betting, go to dinner with the French ambassador, and tutor Princess Mary according to the King’s will. Then you should go on the diplomatic mission, side with France. After that, see your mom, stay with her. At this stage, you can go to university (pick Oxford) or spend time in prayer, at the cathedral. You must​ host in your home, invite intellectuals/clergymen. This will get you the high relationship with both Wosley and More. Choose to attract the King’s attention. Write a poem, be modest and respectful. When the prompt about your brother, hang him out to dry (or if it’s you, melt and sell heirlooms). Then, continue the romance with the King. Choose to find a way to convince the Pope, and use either Wosley or More (whoever you have a higher relationship with) to convince the Pope. You should then get married.

Does that help?


I kinda played the heck out of the male side. Very nice wish there was more dialog but still nice.


I’ll have script for the first children written over the next two weeks. There births will roughly coincide with the birth of Elizabeth Tudor (in our timeline). I haven’t through what types of choices you would make with children. The game will end before they are adults. But your choice of their religion/education/godparents and the way they interact with henry’s children.


is the children going to be randomized?


Yes. I won’t necessarily use the *rand command, but there will be a variety of possibilities. I’ll lean towards daughter if you marry the king, and a son if you marry a less influential partner… And if you start your romancing early, you’ll have more than one child.


Currently, yes, you can be Chancellor.

I’ll try to expand on some tips in the STATS so players have more insight into the consequences of decisions (although historical knowledge, intuition, and a close reading f the text will give some indication).

*if ((nobility > 55) and (king >50)) and (commons > 55)

Path: You must be a man. One of the best early choices is poets > patronize a poet. It is one of the few choices where you boost the opinion of commoners and the nobility. Tutor to boost King - > Defend Buckingham (boost nobility) -> Conduct Survey the British Isles (recommend expropriate from the Church -> go to a Protestant church. I think these choices will get you close to the criteria.

I might re-work that. Right now, +% Commons coincides with Protestantism a lot. Which is weird if I want you to face the same problems Thomas More did.

There must be other ways. Generally, its a a fairly narrow path to becoming Lord Chancellor at the point where it is written so far. But note, Thomas more becomes Lord Chancellor if you don’t interfere. And SPOILERS, he doesn’t last long (unless you save him). So you’ll get another shot.

Also, I’m seriously thinking of punishing people who succeed early. So if you are the Second Queen, or the Lord Chancellor succeeding Cardinal Wolsey, you’ll have an extra tricky time in the upcoming events just like Anne Boleyn and Thomas More historical. Plenty of opportunity to get the _Martyr and Witch Achievements.


Can I make my brother the chancellor?


Yes you can. It is the same criteria as for becoming Lord Chancellor if you are a man (popular with lords, commoners, and the King). I suspect there is more than one way to do it.


I like how you use the siblings of surrogates for each other through very good dynamic. Speaking of could you show aspects of the closeness of the relationship. Because the game hints at their Incredibly Close.


right now it is plot device first, whereas true sibling drama is secondary. But I’ll try to work with that a little as I open up some marriage and alliance possibilities with the sibling. This may bring you into conflict with the sibling (especially if you hung your sibling out to dry earlier). that won’t be in the next update though.


How do I become a Duke?


I haven’t written it in yet. (You can become a duchess by marrying the Duke of Buckingham).


I’ll be glad if you finish this game, you chose a really interesting history period


Yes thank you. But wow thats complicated.


How do you succeed the absolutist path in parliament when the king needs money?


You must be popular with the nobility, have high valour, and not have low charm. The exact numbers depend on when you access parliament.

But so far, that theme of absolutism and constitutionalism has not been overly developed. It’s not really if you succeed or fail, it is more the message you are sending at that point.

That theme will figure more prominently at the end.

  1. Will it be possible later on in the book the player can become king/queen of England

  2. Also can the player unite the British Isles

  3. Finally can the player conquer Europe for England (maybe even into western Asia)