Empty Files


It seems after repeatedly trying to get choice script to work and repeatedly downloading and failed attempt I turn to choice script forums :). It seems that each time I try to download/extract and open choice script it’s empty. Any advice?


Can you detail out your whole process, including where you download it from, and what unzipper you use.


After downloading it directly from choicegames homepage the first link. Saved file to homepage (new folder) once done unzipped file to another folder on desktop. In attempt to open the file it is empty.


What is the name of the file are you trying to open? Is the whole folder empty?


Well I can get as far as my-game or the other variables as such but once attempt to open nothing happens. As for index either it doesn’t work. Or if it did that one time it was a blank my-games although my new demo for assassins was there did not come up.


You’re not providing enough information so that I can help.

You don’t have a folder titled dfabulich-choicescript with folders called doc, editor, tests, web, inside that? And then a mygame folder inside the web and a scenes folder inside that?

What is the name of the file you are attempting to open? Can you make a screenshot?

  1. Make sure you’re downloading this file. (It should be titled “dfabulich-choicescript-8317316” (Although the numbers may be different.)

  2. If you’re on Windows, make sure you right click the file, select properties, and if there’s a button that says, unblock, click it.

  3. Make sure you then extract the file before attempting to use it.

Does any of those three (common) solutions fix it? If not, the more detail you can give about your problem, the better. The exact error, or exactly what is not appearing, or even a screenshot/short video showing exactly what is happening (just put it up on youtube).

( github.com/dfabulich/choicescript/zipball/master )


There is no button that says unblock for me. The problem may be in switching it to notepad++ instead of regular notepad I forgot how to do that either of you remember?


Did you try “right click” - “edit with notepad++” ?


You need to give more details about your problem. You seem to be saying something is missing, but working as though everything is still there.