Empress of domination

This is a parallel project of mine.

The story and about an emperor who dies with many regrets And reincarnate in a world of cultivators in the body of a poor girl.

The plot
The story revolves around how the main character climbs the ranks of this new world of cultivators repeating the same mistakes of the past or not.


11 romantic options and all are women



This demo is just a small prologue


You’re telling me we’ll be a girl and there’s almost a dozen romance options… and none of them are men? BE STILL, MY LESBIAN HEART


This seems pretty fun, can’t wait to see more!
Will you be beta testing?

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Two projects at the same time, the other with 6 romances and this one with 11… quite ambitious of you. Sorry for my skepticism but in my experience people who shoot for the stars tend to fall short of their goals. Most authors struggle with just one game and even then they are advised to stick to fewer romances because it’s a more realistic goal and because quality trumps quantity when only one can be delivered. Anyway, good luck, you’re gonna need it.


So it’s genderlock that’s great I would rather be able to choose our gender


Forced to be a lesbian well what if I choose to romance no one that will show the game maker.


Lmao, yea stick it to the man!!

But on a serious note, the game does sound interesting but I am a bit weary of the fact that the romances are all women, at the same time the game being gender-locked. All the power to anyone who thinks this is a dream come true but seeing that there will be 11 possible romances, I feel that not romancing will mean missing a good portion of the content. But either way, good luck on this.


Hm. It seems like you’re writing this for a very limited audience.


Interest this is almost a tran man experience since emperor was a cis male but is reborn in body of woman remember their other life hmmm interesting.


You should maybe cut the RO’s to maybe like 8, it can be overwhelming for you and the reader. I’d recommend taking your time with this.

11 ROs seems too much, it will be hard to remember each of them and there won’t be a time to write much about each. I think 4-5 is better and you can add one more male RO to appeal to a larger audience.


Their are no male romances don’t know why you said add one more male romance since their are zip.

I meant adding 1 more RO who is a male in addition to the 4-5 female ones.

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I really don’t see a problem with having a locked lesbian protagonist considering there are a good portion of cogs and hgs that are male and straight locked only. But maybe that’s just me, though.

I would recommend cutting down the amount of ROs since that does seem to be an awful lot and usually there aren’t even that many characters in these sorts of games. Otherwise, I’m really excited to see where this goes. :slight_smile:


eh, I’ve got no problem with it myself, but to play the devil’s advocate, I think just because one side gets stiffed it doesn’t make it justifiable to do the same to the other side.

I do agree that 11 is probably a littemany ro’s… i believe the old tried and true saying is quality over quantity. Not that i don’t think the writer will be able but well… I just hope they keep in mind that each one they add will be further work to do.

I also really hope the concept of being trans is explored, albeit optionally. I don’t know if I’d even play it, but it just seems like too good an opportunity to pass up for that sort of thing, though i understand if that sort of thing is too much extra work or simply not what the writer had in mind.


Wait, which CoGs are straight-locked? I’m not aware of any. (Can only think of two male-genderlocked CoGs off the top of my head–Doomsday and Forgotten City–and neither has any romantic content at all.)

Edit: @Frogs is right:Great Tournament is, in fact, orientation-locked. However, I’d argue that orientation-locking made Great Tournament less enjoyable. Might not be a good idea to replicate that design flaw, especially in a dating sim.


Look at male tag their about 30 of them also 11 Ro sound fun could add a lot replay to game.

The only one I know is the great tournament but it’s from HG. Doomsday is from HG too. I’m pretty sure every CoG game allows you to choose your gender and be gay/bi, with a lot of them allowing you to be non-binary as well.


I know in a dude but… hot danm finaly.

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Specifically COG games? I don’t think there are any but I could be wrong. However, I’m specifically talking about a few that I know are Hosted ones. The Infinity series and the previous installments of the Foundation of Nightmares (Sorry, forgot what they’re called) are gender AND orientation locked. (This is not a roast or insult to the authors. While I do not want to read those stories because of it, I feel its their right to bring the stories they want and I’m sure they are written very well.) There are plenty of other games that are male only and ofc Great Tournament is orientation locked. I usually delete and don’t bother with games that don’t let me play the way I want to, so I’m sorry I can’t give you a comprehensive list.

I’d also to like to say that there are quite a few who end up effectively locked because only straight male characters (and sometimes lesbian characters) actually have options that work in happy endings or are easily accessable. I don’t want to give spoilers for said games though but I’d be happy to elaborate if needed. (EDIT: I’m aware this might come off as moving the goal post, but it was part of my original intent behind my original comment. Because I’m LGBT+ I’m very much aware of how the media portrays LGBT+ relationships especially in the US. AKA either its inappropriate to have said characters or relationships even if it’s G rated or they have to be villains or die horribly as a moral story.)

Basically, while I agree with you that I would much rather have games with more choice when it came to forming my characters, I wanted to defend this person’s vision specifically because I only really see the level of push back on this something that is specifically catering to lesbian relationships and not the others that go in the opposite direction.

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