How do you feel about having only one RO?

Originally, I was thinking of writing a novel but I want to try my hand at writing a choice game. How would you feel about having one RO? and also set-gender, male protagonist only? I’m more attuned to writing from male perspective.

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You need to do a forum search if you want a few hundred replies on that subject.


It will not end well. Period.


Ummm… based on previous discussion about Male genderlocked games, it had become a heated debates … :slight_smile:

You need to embrace yourself for potential “heated” respond from those who oppose it… but don’t let the comments discourage your writing ambitions, consider them fairly and with an open mind … in the end , it is up to your own creative choice :slight_smile:

There are still successful male genderlocked games if you insist on making one…


exactly what i’m looking to hear ^^ thanks you~


I’m okay with the one romance option. I honestly see the advantage. Having only one RO would give you time to really develop them as a character, and build the romance slowly.

Unfortunately, I’m one of those people referred to above who have no interest in gender-locked male games. I won’t rant at you. I promise. (I’ve already done that a bunch of times on other threads.) I understand how it can be a struggle to see things from a different gender perspective well enough to write from that perspective. When I try to play a game from a male perspective I have the same struggle, and it’s just not fun for me.


For the one RO idea, it is similar to @OdicHastings Cursed Lady and Weakest knight
, i think it is cool to have a predetermine RO to interact with till the end of story … so the whole idea is how both the RO and MC reach the end ? Like whether they become true lovers or nemesis… and perhaps whether MC choose to save his love one or save the world :-):heart_eyes:


ROMANCE OPTION There is no option if there is only one. If you are doing a novel do a novel. But a choice of games require a totally different planning. noone wanted be forced to like one person by force. So you don’t really have no agency whatsoever. Then the point is zero to play something that railroad in something as important as romance. Also limitsmany sex options and aro people


ohhhh boy, here we go again


I’m in the camp of one quality RO over 4+ ROs but limited interaction.


Yeah is better being forced to like a one set in stone personlity and person at will to author and well if you hate it or aren’t from that sexuality just romance your hand. If a game will force to love someone you hates or is from wrong gender Where is the CHOICE ?

The thing is, quality RO explores the interaction and characters more deeply. Perhaps the guy is an ass sadistic with a kink on ropes and leathers. Your character can react to this, and the RO may respond to it which I think will create an interesting dynamic.

After certain abusive relationship, you guys got broke up. The story can branch with him actually feeling “lonely” and wanted to return, and you may respond to it.

The choice in CoG is still there (though I don’t expect for such story to be released under CoG label)

I think this case can work on romance-focused story, or stories with romance-as-side-dishes, though I’m not really a romance-focused writer.

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I will never support a game around the idea of you are this individual forced in a forced relationship being forced. I mean for that i have all those terrible games that reinforced the idea Women is a toy

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“One RO” stories have a huge advantage. Aside from being much easier to write and program (less characters, less options) it opens up a genre that I don’t think I’ve ever seen done real justice in a choicescript game.

Buddy Love:
“My life changed for having known someone else”; a catalyst character enters the hero’s life and changes him–usually the two start off by hating each other, realize they need each other, and a bunch of conflict, then one big final fight where the two surrender their egos to win.

I think the general advice and feedback you’re going to get is to take on the challenge of the male/female MC and the male/female RO. Those will be the two biggest variables in your story. If you want to go for a third, make the romance optional, like a: “Romance/Buddy” thing.

Compared to writing a traditional novel, just those three variables are going to double your workload and then some. But they’re also going to increase your audience and receive a much better reception. I’d be the first to tell you that IF is hard!


I disagree with this… hope you don’t mind…
friend mara ? :wink:
The term choice or option is not limit to RO, it could be choice of life, choice of action and choice of relationship

Even with a fix love interest, there is still lots of choices we can make in a journey… choice of whether to maintain relationship , choice of whether to listen to your partner, choice of whether to misuse your love interest … choice of how to engage a situation and in the end after all you had been through , whether you choose to save the world or your love interest… it will still make an interesting choice story :slight_smile:

@shin_lee , don’t worry if you think you can write multiple choices that is not choice of RO , i believe it will be great choice story… :wink:


For what it’s worth, I quite like playing a game with a single love interest, as long as I like the character - even if that’s not the usual for CoG/HG. I like the preset love interest in The Hero Unmasked, too, as you can make choices about how the main character feels about them and the relationship. Having a protagonist with a set gender and one love interest isn’t necessarily a bad thing (I’ve made a couple of short romance games where the MC has just one love interest, and enjoyed making them), but it’s not the usual approach for Hosted Games and you may get pushback, as shown in this thread.

But my opinion doesn’t really matter in this case. If you have an idea that you’re interested in, go for it and do some writing - see how it feels. Once it’s more concrete, you’ll have a better idea of how you want to handle things, and readers will be able to see whether it’s for them or not. I’d give a slight cautionary comment about issues with translating a novel idea into a game one - you’ll want to make sure that there are multiple satisfying paths, rather than whatever you had planned for the novel - but again, that’s more something to think about once you’ve started planning or writing.


I hope first option were kill the romance opcion forced upon me like a biblical curse. Is almost like being chained to a psycho lol I will make his live misserable until dies. I mean if there is something that should be elected is romance. If not is forced is not consensual as I not consented to be with that creature

Edit However if game gave different options as You are because convenient herency or because you want murder him for money etc I could play aways game a xhoice To not be in real love and only pretend

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Well, if I like the romance option anyways I wouldn’t mind. If I don’t, though, I’d resent being stuck with them; generally if I don’t like a character as a romance option I’m liable to dislike them period.


I’m honestly one of the types who’s fine with it under the caveat you arent forced to like them. If they’re a reoccuring character sure and plot relevant makes it better. As long as its well done. It can even lend well to more developed ROs


I agree If I can choose not like the romance at all is okay as is not forced. If I have to love something i HATE is forced and is a big no no