Emily is away (Free on Steam) older people have a go

Basically an AIM chat game…

A warning for the older crowd… This game will crush your feelings and make you feel like re-living those annoying teenage years…

Basically, it is free, it is on steam, it is all aboards the feels train.

Go play it.


Advanced Idea Mechanics?

If they’ve got a MODOK, I’m out

So like… it’s a game about being emotionally abused by immature people? But I can do that all I want in real life…


Hahaha, yes, but it is good all the same! :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a friend or two as insecure as Emily. They always wanna screw themselves over. Okay, yes that did hit hard in the feels.

But it’s cool, at this point my MC is just singin’: “Move along move along like I know you do.”

Thanks for sharing! It kind of reminds me of “Digital: A love story” just more interactive.

I played chapter one, but it didn’t catch my fancy.

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Yeah, a lot of people on Steam are suggesting to try Digital: A love story - I’ve not actually tried that one yet though. :smile:

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@Doctor I think it’s a hit/miss like/dislike it thing with this game. It really requires you to like or sympathize with Emily and if you can’t then the game won’t be that fun. It also wouldn’t be fun if you play a disinterested character, so it really requires a specific type of audience.

@RVallant Digital isn’t quite like this. There are no dialogue options, it’s mostly just you click things on a screen and reading. Some of the loud sound effects have made my playtime short, so I’ve never finished the game. I didn’t get into it as much as I did Emily is away.

Oh man, please tell there is a HAPPY WAY to end this! Chapter 5 made me want to scream at the game.

Don’t think there’s a happy way to end the game.

Played it last night, and watched jacksepticeye give it a bash on youtube.

Honestly, Emily annoyed me.

‘Why didn’t you kiss me?’

Where’s the : Maybe I’m not into you option?

‘Why did you invite me over?’

Wheres the: Um, we’re friends option?

‘I thought you were into me?’




rambles into repeated swear words

I am not fond of people who think all their problems make them the most important people in the relationship they have with others. She’s needy, self-absorbed, and this is an accurate depiction of the typical stereotype woman, and, sadly, I’m imagining blonde cheerleader, or basic girl.

I’m not even American! And I’m a woman!

…fricken girls man.


How did everyone else manage? Honestly not fond of how you can’t get with Emma either. (Or can you?) I dunno, she had a song by Jet in her bio one year, and I said screw it, I want to romance her instead.

Also, the relationship with Emily was so…weird. Were they not established as friends? It was this awkward kind of flirting but not tension at all times. I played it with my character as a girl (saw it and interpreted it in that perspective) and…it felt so very weird.

…I’ll go back to Dragon Age now.


@Mim I think it is a very male-centric game really, and from the amount of discussion on other forums about it, I think it basically zeros in on the type of encounters and emotions that people (well, men) experienced going through that sort of chat. For me, I had several of those type of chats, even without the sexual implications, and I do think it is a scarily accurate representation of some of the girls back then. ¬_¬

That’s not a negative thing mind, it’s teen angst and growing pains and all that. (Though, I’m so glad that some of the female feedback has been “Damn you Emily!” as well! Haha.)

@Nathan_Faxon There’s no happy ending, the 3 goodbyes ending is the only ending, just the journey there may differ. You either “hook up” and she blames you, or you don’t, and she blames you. That’s the point of the game really, the loss of a friendship (online or otherwise).

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Well in that case Emily is away might as well be called friend zone simulator. another thing. WHY is my character torn up about Emma dating Mike when I said she was JUST A FRIEND? Teenage years are confusing.

Edit: Also, nice little way to advertise yourself there, steam.

I enjoyed the game because it was realistic.

I enjoyed disliking Emily.

But I think that’s it.

It’s not the sort of game I’d want to replay, but is the sort of game I’d go: Oh, hey, I played this, let’s whine about it.

Cuz, yay.

Also, nice to have both male and female opinion here. But, can we have some more girl opinions? I think I’m the only one currently.

If all the branches lead down the same path, it’s pretty much a play once kind of game. Would be a nice touch if we shunned off Emily and then the roles are reversed in chapter 5. Good ol’ payback.

There’s an entire thread devoted to the lady’s opinions on the game’s steam forums, if you want to have a look at that?

Tried it.

Ah windows xp start up and shut down sounds. You shall be missed, oh so very long ago that was.

Emily on the other hand is quite annoying even if you try to be nice to her. In fact she’s worse if you are nice to her. Worrying over the dumbest of things! And you can’t even be just a friend since it never gives you the option when it matters. Ugh I feel like I missed a lot of “teenager” stuff by never caring for the opinions of others and sticking to friends who did the same. So Emily just seems silly for over reacting about having shit friends.

I do like how chapter 5 can basically be 3 lines of “hello” “I don’t want to talk” logs off. which was kinda funny I admit.

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I’d call that the good ending.

I think that’s like the one time you initiate the conversation too.

This game feels more niche than HoI. Annoying girl on messenger simulators don’t seem to get enough love. Do like the idea though, besides the annoying bit.

Also how you have to mash keys so your character types. Except he’s the worlds slowest bloody Typer so it takes ages. Wish there was a speed option or just the ability to skip that bit since my hands got tired after the mindless keyboard smashing.

I rather enjoyed the mindless keyboard smashing. Sorry laptop.

But I think what it’s trying to relate to is nostalgia. I remember when I used msn for the first few times and I typed SLOOOOOOOWWW. Also I knew annoying people like Emily on there too, male and female. I think the point is supposed to take you down memory lane.

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Pretty much nailed it, tis why I mentioned the older crowd.

I suppose in twenty years time we’ll get “Emily is Away” the Snapchat version? >______________>