Eerie Estate Agent


Ok, so you can list your opinion of the game here, as well as the ending(s) you got, and how you got them.

For me, the game was pretty good. It kept me interested, there was a bit of mystery, and I like handling business deals. I guess a minor complaint was that sometimes you were forced into a choice, like you HAVE to pick a way to show your anger at the house, though you do have the choice of HOW you want to do it, so it didn’t really bother me. Another thing that kind of irked me was that you are supposed to balance work and life. But there’s only one explict choice at the beginning that let me do that. So at the end of the game, I only scored a 61% in that catagory. My third problem with the game is your relationship with your rival. There are no options to extend a sence of friendship to your rival, besides buying coffee for the entire staff, including him/her. The rival seems to simply provide a score to beat at the end of the game.
Now let’s talk about the good stuff. I loved the buisiness deals, the writing style, the tension! The Crocodile is a enjoyable character, and I always felt like I needed to get just a bit more money, though I ended up with about 2000 pounds above the rival. I liked having to choose my words and reactions carefully, not knowing sometimes how the situation would turn out.
Overall, I would give this game a 9 out of 10. Sure, there are some problems, but those are quickly pushed out of the way for enjoyable gameplay.

Now, as for my ending, I made more money than my rival, but my character still felt unfulfilled (since I only got a 61% work-life ballance). I pretty much just made money to get to this ending.


I’d like to be able to play the whole thing online instead of just part of it. I don’t wanna have to buy it to play the whole thing. No offense.


Interestingly, I did see someone have an actual free lunch just the other day. Granted, he was rooting around in a trash can at the time, but still . . .


@Martin_Brody It’s worth the asking price, and I preferred it over Heroes Rise. I think COG are right to allow people to play a short bit online, and ask to be paid for the full piece. It is a business after all. As I play the games on my phone, I suppose that’s why I’m happy to pay for them. I might be reluctant to pay for a web only version (simply because I’m not the type of person to sit and play games in a browser).

I thought it was an interesting premise, and it was quite refreshing to play a character who wasn’t your typical ‘hero’. The writing style was good, but I agree with @Shintaro that you were almost ‘railroaded’ into some choices that didn’t sit quite right with me (getting rid of the squatters for instance). I also thought the relationship with your rival could have been a bit more fleshed out.


How did y’all feel about the haunted house plot, and overall “eeriness” of the story?


It wasn’t my favourite game on the site, but it was probably the funniest, the game has a great sense of humor, I laughed out loud quite a few times. It had some great creepy moments as well, that were just as good.


@bawpie It’s worth it, but I only have cash.


@Martin_Brody Well I guess it depends on your age, but there are prepaid cash cards available that would allow you to make purchases online - I think Orange do one called Orangecash - you load money onto it at an Orange shop and then you can spend it online as though it were a credit card (but of course you can only spend what you’ve loaded onto the card).

@HoraceTorys - I guess it was kind of eerie but I wasn’t ever really spooked by it. I think it was more funny than anything - i.e. what happens when the TV crew appears at the house was quite funny I thought!

I did feel bad about the assistant though, if you leave him in the house on his own. I didn’t do that again on repeat playthroughs ;/


The house was…interesting, but not really scary.


So, what are all the endings for the game?


As far as I can work out, my endings have been:
Win challenge
Lose challenge (less money)
Lose challenge (cheat with spreadsheets)
Get the vcrocodile to quit (SPOILER ALERT: break into her office)

Haven’t found any others.

Personally I would like to see the rival, the work:life decisions and some of the tenant decisions fleshed out a bit, but overall a very good game. 9/10 :slight_smile:


I got these:
Win challenge
Lose Challenge (Less money), and buy my own Company
Get Crocodile to quit
Aaand that’s all.


Hi, glad you’re all enjoying Eerie Estate Agent. Thanks for the kind reviews. I will tip two things:

First, you are managing a nightmare property and pulling long hours under great pressure from your tyrant of a boss. If you have a work/life balance of 61%, you are doing pretty well.

Also, there is a fifth ending you haven’t found. And you won’t find it by being ruthless :slight_smile:


Dang it! Here we go again…


Ooh I think I found it! Is it the one where you lose the challenge but then the Crocodile says that we need a more ‘sophisticated class’ or something and your rival gets fired?


Really? That sounds awesome!


Found a new ending by being not ruthless at all! After raising about MINUS £1800 I got fired straight away, ending the game early!

Also, when you lose and try to assault your rival, is there any way to succeed?


Found another new ending- I hadn’t done that badly but the crocodile hated me (rating of 13) so I got fired after the journalist report. After that I got some letter offering me a new job and saying some client thought I had been good- Is this the non-ruthless ending? Also, got a good work-life balance, with the quote being something about not thinking about work at weekends!


Work:Life balance for above game was 74%!