Eerie Estate Agent -- coming soon

I’ve started the press blitz today. The game will either be released on the 24th or the 31st.

Interesting game. I’ll post to my FB and Twitter accounts once the game launches.

Can’t wait.

Sweet! Cant wait

Where did it say what this game was about

I am also curious about that

Maje that three that are curious about the game’s premise.

Check out this site:

@eposic Thanks! It cleared up things for me.

Will the game add more stuff to what the beta had?

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Not substantively.

And, @Zed, for future reference, the games will not have more stuff post-beta.

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Well, except for maybe Vampire 2. But that’s because it will be so full of holes that I’ll have to add content to make it make sense, but I need the beta testers to point them out to me.

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Hello. I’m Gavin Inglis, the writer of Eerie Estate Agent. I live in Edinburgh, Scotland, where the game is set. Thanks for your interest in it. I’m happy to answer any questions you have. Fire away!

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Why did you chopsticks name it’s a little… odd?

Choose* what the he’ll iPod


I guess we are both plagued by odd text :slight_smile:

I feel a title has to reflect the flavour of the work – when I’m writing humour, like this game, it’s very tempting to use alliteration. In the UK, estate agents handle property sales and lettings. I needed another word to capture the “haunted house” aspect of the game, and I went to the thesaurus for a word which meant “spooky” but started with an E. Also, I just liked the way the words sounded together.

Perhaps I will do a ghostly submarine game called Uncanny U-Boat.

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No questions yet, I’m just looking forward to it. :slight_smile:

I like it but I only have 49p on my iTunes:(

I was just going to comment that I really liked the game. I was happy the game finally came to the amazon marketplace since I buy most of these games on the kindle fire since I own a windows phone which the only Choice game I have found for it was Wizard’s Choice.