Eerie Estate Agent - Closed Beta


We need some people to test EEA for us.

By doing so, you agree not to discuss the game publicly until a release date is announced.

Email me at jason AT choiceofgames DOT com for the link and password.

Things that are helpful:

  1. Crash reports (with contextual details; what lead up to the crash?).
  2. Logic errors (when you see an event referenced that you haven’t encountered, when the story just doesn’t make sense).
  3. Typos!
  4. Specific criticisms (“this chapter was slow because of x”, “I couldn’t understand character y”, “you need to take more time with scene z because of …”)

Please forward your thoughts to me at the same address.


The first one. Many on the Internet don’t type full addresses so spam bots don’t “record” them, so they spell out the at sign and dot.


so how JSH put it.


I wanna play


email him


Everyone who has played and responded, and everyone that will play and respond, thank you.

Everyone else–no more beta testers are needed.