Editing, modding...cheating?


So has anyone checked to see if a hacked save file can be transferred to a future game?



Yup, my Lost Heir save went through all three, and I also modified all three.

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ooh how’d you do that?? (@Dark_Stalker)



I did it on android, I got an apk extracter and editor to change the json files.

I haven’t changed anything on a computer in a while though, I just remember there being a file where you can modify your save for steam at least.

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Huh, thanks for the reply but when I modded my game on android it wouldn’t let me upload or download saves?

Anyway around this/ how’d you get around that?



I didn’t actually have a problem with it, srry.

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Hmm, I think I know where I might’ve gone wrong.

2 things: 1 did you use a specific sig to sign it, and 2 did you edit the txt files, or just the .json?



The app I used took care of that for me I think.

Just the json.

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Thank you for your help, I shall try again.

You’re the best.

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Of course, I thought this was common knowledge?

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Uh… I’m not common?

Or just dumb, haha. I had always extracted -> edited txt and json,-> sign -> repackage,
or extract -> send to computer, -> run as if own game.

Neither allows you to upload saves, so I’m just trying out new methods.



When I first tried I was told to change only the txt files and no change ever took, then I tried different things on and off for a month while being annoyed that I was doing something wrong.

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I know it’s been a while, but thanks for the info. It’s really helped me get the most out of the game I bought. It worked perfectly for me, so yeah, thanks!



Anyone found a way to do it on iOS?


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Second wanting iOS editing, anyone find a way to do it?



I’m more of an android modder myself to I’ll give you an ‘eh’ answer until someone more experienced does-- Copy and Paste the app, extract the contents into a random folder, change the .txt and then the json, matching the two up
(unless skilled/ willing to put in a lot of effort, don’t create another *set tag, just change a pre-existing one)
Then repackage as a zip, and use a zip signer to change it from .zip to .apk

Uninstall official app, install own.


You may not be able to extract on your iPhone (lol @ you guys) so instead root it, or take the easier option of plugging it in to a computer/ PC, doing the above steps from there.

You might not be ‘allowed’ to install your home brew modded version-- in that case (until someone else offers better advice) it’s probably better to CRTL-C-V everything from the .startup, .stats whatever files (.txt only, obv) into an editor (e.g. CSIDE) and run it on your phone, as if you are editing/ testing your own game. This makes it super easy to edit but may not have the UI or whatever an app offers.

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I would like to mod games too but I haven’t done that before because i don’t want to disturb the way a developer created his game



Once you do that and get the deploy folder, how do you edit stats? I tried editing “mygame” in notepad++ but the stat changes I made didn’t stick. Is there another step or am I editing the wrong file?



This is for Choice of Robots if that changes anything?

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