Editing, modding...cheating?


About what @fairlyfairfighter was talking about, I don’t see anything wrong with trying to achieve play-throughs that are as perfect as possible.

Some people get enjoyment out of achieving the best possible results in an experience (like a CYOA) where many and varied results are possible.

I find it somewhat analogous to an individual who is proud of themselves for scoring higher on a test than their fellow classmates.

However, that’s where the conversation gets tricky because of the way “enjoyment” is implemented and designed in a given game.

For example, if you design a game with the idea that people are going to play through it once or twice, it will probably turn out very different than if it were to be designed with multiple (5 or more) playthroughs in mind.

It’s just trying to appeal to a different audience.
Mumbles something incoherently about a secret contest entry.

But to reiterate, if the player is having fun, owns the game legally, and is not breaking any laws or terms of use, then what’s the harm in the player having their fun however they want to?


Uuuh. So I’m trying to peek into a few games’ APKs for reasons. So I’ve tried to unrar them onto my phone or download them to my computer… Except I can’t find them, even though the file browser is set to show hidden files. More precisely I can’t find the entire data/app folder.

Does my phone need to be rooted to access this folder and what’s up with this BS anyway? I thought Android was an open system?


I don’t really mind the whole cheating thing as long as it doesn’t interfere with the author getting money for his/her work, and for the other people out there that know how to get around the pay wall… just pay for it… it helps the author continue their work.

If you love these games just pay for it so you can get more games like these.

(Don’t be a cheap stick lol)


It’s not hard to mod on steam.

  1. Install NodeJS https://nodejs.org/en/ install to c:\nodejs or something so step 2 is easier.
  2. Run npm install -g asar in a command prompt/powershell prompt
  3. Still in your command prompt, navigate to steam folder of game you want to mod for instance E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Broadway 1849\resources
  4. run command asar extract app.asar destfolder where destfolder is the folder you want to unpack to.

Game now available to edit as desired.


I know how to mod on Steam, I just miss the easier accessibility (both of the code and otherwise) of the old Chrome Apps, as well as their better pricing and support scheme. In any case I suppose there isn’t any harm done by my pointing out that making it as easy as possible to peek at the code and mod the things may get them both more interested new writers and perhaps some modders too and modding generally tends to extend the life of a game.
I’ve also got a python .asar extractor from somewhere around the web for exactly that purpose.


Not to be a killjoy, but I should point out that whilst this may be easy, it isn’t necessarily legal. You should check both steam’s and the game’s developer’s licensing agreements before doing this. This may seem petty, but there’s a big difference between doing this personally and advertising (encouraging how to do it publicly?) on the forums of a company that relies exclusively on its games for revenue. I haven’t investigated this, but I’m assuming it gives you access to the source code, which could then be illegally redistributed. I love modding as much as the next person, but it’s a slippery slope in legal land.

On a lighter note, thank you for the update @jasonstevanhill. It’s great to see some transparency and hear about what’s going on behind the scenes. Congrats and good luck to everyone who is moving forwards within the company. I too share some reservations about the omnibus app, but there are plenty of potential pros to be had as well. Can’t knock it until we try it! Fingers crossed.


It isn’t illegal in the UK and Europe which are the laws that apply to me. Neither Steam or CoG can legally prevent people in said regions from unpacking the game for personal modifications or to read the source to aid in taking the desired path through the story. I cannot, however, distribute my modifications without the express written permission of the author(s).

A person can commit murder with a knife - doesn’t make them illegal to buy.


Actually, both modifying source code and reusing someone else’s work (yes, that is exactly what a mod does) are usually illegal. Though if you re-read my post, your personal use isn’t my concern here. People do that, most companies don’t care and it’s entirely up to you. I’m just suggesting you don’t openly advertise ways for people to obtain CoG games source code (there’s a reason they don’t just upload it to the website). If you want to discuss it further, feel free to create a new thread and tag me.


No to debate further would require me to be a lawyer and not just a person looking to ensure that what I want to do isn’t illegal. A brief googling reaffirms that to just view the code and/or modify it for my own personal use is not.

I can’t speak to the situation in the US or elsewhere as the laws a different.

I don’t need to discuss further EU & UK Law are clear.

Edit: More to the point though, its no more than telling how to unpack a zip file, thats all asar files are.


Well Dan was kind enough to get me started a couple of months back.
It is furthermore debatable whether the CoG text files even legally count as encrypted at present, which means that again in this country and most of the EU means it is perfectly legal to unpack it, no different from unzipping a .zip file without a set password really.

As for the rest, most of what I was going to say has already been preempted by @LordOfLA
Edit, except to share the link to the official version of the ruling, for those interested.


I don’t want this to be a protracted debate, so no need to do more than I already have. If others wish to try and out lawyer EU courts, they’re more than welcome to start a new thread.


Yes you can do whatever you guys like personally, that isn’t a problem, as long as you own the game. I’m sorry if I still hadn’t made this clear: My only concern was that others might use this information to access and redistribute the games without CoG’s permission (modded or original), which is illegal.

However, seeing as Dan presented the method @LordOfLA did, I think that’s more than enough evidence to say that there isn’t a problem here. Thank you for clearing it up @idonotlikeusernames, and my apologies for any confusion @LordOfLA.


The games are available publicy on Steam, the Apple and Google stores and the website. They will be pirated if they haven’t already. No reason to try and shut down modding/source viewing.

Like I said earlier: People are murdered with knives, doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to go and buy a set in a store.


Would it concern you if I publicly said “you can press F12 in your browser to view the source code of a website”? Those who view the source code might redistribute it without the author’s permission, after all, which is illegal.

The situation here is pretty much the same, the only difference is that it’s not “press F12”, the steps are more complicated (but not by much).


So I downloaded the thing
Litteratly have no idea how to do anything else on the list
So I type in (nsp install -g) in the command console?
Then I type my way all the way to the steam library game resources with no interface besides commands
Then type (run command asar extract app.asar destfoldr (example would be folder MetaHuman_hacked))
How much did I get right?


You’re spot on pretty much. As far as I’m aware there’s no gui tool to unpack asar files so command line is the only way at the moment.

The commands you want are:

npm install -g asar

asar extract app.asar destfolder

If your games are in the default steam install location you’ll want:

cd “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Broadway 1849\resources”

If you keep the games on a different disk and steam library as I do you’ll want:

cd “SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Broadway 1849\resources”

Naturally adapt paths as needed.


Thanks so much! I can finally do so much stuff I’ve wanted!


You’re a very beautiful man thank you! This method has been the only thing that has worked in the recent games


test edit



step 4 no longer works you can`t edit it