Evertree Inn by Thom Baylay

To everyone,

Hooray! Thank you!!! I’m so excited to see Evertree Inn out in the world and all of your support is wonderful to see. It’s been a very long road but we’ve made it and I’m so happy. Your reviews and ratings on the stores will go a long way towards ensuring the success of this story and future adventures so if you have the time, please continue to spread the love!

So thank you to Eiwynn Pace675 AAO Inessy idonotlikeusernames IvoryOwl 000 Nexus cyanide Zombabe1000 readher Sau_Mei_Ng namijoan Claymore Mr_Fabulous AwkwardNature moonwalkerdragon WillyJackson CaesarCzech WaltzinElf Doctor EpicGreenElf Harley_Robin_Evans Urban H2O Zsero COGZealot Curious_Boy DeepPars Quaintrelle Vox JustAReader Vanessa_Pang ladyfire Gee Sigma11 Ardit_Maloku Sontra laudekarina
And to everyone else who read, liked and or recommended Evertree. You are all my heroes!

Have a great weekend and I’ll definitely keep you posted on the next adventure!

Thom x


I wonder if I’m the only one playing as a dwarf. Everyone seems to be playing as an elf.


Nah.Dwarves are pretty badass.

I’d say the least interesting race is the human.


Evertree Inn is live on Steam, iOS, and Android.

Note that we’ve recently switched to a different technology platform for our Windows Steam app, so if you’re on Windows, it would be a big help to download the Steam demo and verify that it works for you.

If you have any technical issues with the Windows Steam app, no need to post here; just email us at support-evertreeinn-steam@choiceofgames.com and we’ll investigate.


Ugh, really hate the new Steam app format, it is impossible for me to peek at the code anymore, something I used to enjoy doing with these games. :disappointed:
And Steam already was a far worse platform than the Chrome pc apps. :disappointed:


There is a way, but it’s different now. In your app installation, there’s a “resources” directory containing an app.asar file containing the code; you have to extract it.

There may be an easier way to handle this, but here’s how I extract asar files.

  1. Install Node.js https://nodejs.org/
  2. On the command prompt, run npm install -g asar to install the asar compression tool
  3. cd to the directory containing the app.asar file and run: asar e app.asar dest

That will create a new folder called dest containing the extracted contents of the asar file. There’s a deploy/scenes folder containing the code; you can peek at it there.


How so? Aside from peeking at the code, was one of them nicer to play/use?


Hoo boy, where to start on the shortcomings of Valve/Steam:

Slow updates for non AAA titles (Still waiting on my Tommy update for Zombie Exodus, European Steam :unamused:), higher prices (basically Steam prices the same in Euros and Dollars,whereas Chrome didn’t, thereby gouging European customers, or giving discounts to the US, your pick), worse customer service. Basically all of the things a large (virtual) monopolist can get away with in a given market and since there is now no competing outlet for Steam anymore for us desktop dinosaurs…:cry:

Chrome was also much nicer to use, basically just a browser with no 10 self-updating, bandwidth eating (not that it matters with my new connection other then ruining my modded GTA again with an online/mp update I will never use :unamused: ) apps and a Steam layer required to run in the background.

As far as peeking at the code goes you’ve probably just killed my absolutely fabulous “gay it up” planned mod, that was gonna be like the greatest ever mod for our own @Havenstone’s upcoming game. :cry: (sorry got a bit inspired by your new president there). :cry:
Then again “no modding” basically seems to be a Steam policy, so I probably shouldn’t be surprised there.


Congratulations. Just downloaded it. Love it.


Finlshed my first playthrough by staying up all night (work is going to be fun tomorr… er, today).

Oh my, a tiny twist at the end based on a simple choice I’d made in the prologue actually made me cry. And not just a single tear, either, like my MC!

This game is SUPERB. The purity of feeling that went into making it is unmistakeable, and it is beautiful. Well done, and keep it up.

Gave you 5 :star2: on the iOS App Store.


Just finished the game.Best thing ever made.

And now,we wait for the inevitable ‘Perfect Guide’ to come out… (I really hope it does)


kinda surprise you mention me XD and congrats!! i just share the news with my friend that also like the Demo XD
im so excited to try every route XD though, unfortunately i can’t play it as soon as i want it. im so sorry Lamuel, you have to wait for me… im kinda busy and didn’t have a time to date you atm :cry: wait for me my love~ :kissing_heart: lol :laughing:


Can someone help me out? I enjoyed the game but my ending was a goddamn mess lol. Almost everyone dies when the inn comes to life and the ones still alive just leave afterwards. So i’m just left with Leah who dies near the end because of me… I’ve played it multiple times and I just can’t seem to avoid this. What am I doing wrong?


@ThomB I have a little question for you.

I can remember you saying that there will be a sequel to this.However,I noticed that you can’t save your game to play it in the sequel?Does that mean that there’s no sequel?Or will you be able to save your game in a future update?


i some how managed to get everyone out except for the ones that “died”


hi guise. I played the game. I have to say I love it. I really enjoyed it so much. but can I save the cook and romance her?


@GeneralMaul I will look into writing up a walkthrough at some point, if it seems like something people would like. :slight_smile:

@AAO I think it will be added in a later update. I did ask for this originally but it looks like it was missed so I will request it when the next update is made, probably once it’s been out long enough to detect any other big problems.

@meero Alas no, she is one of two victims of the Inn who cannot be saved. There are some things that our choices can never change. Sorry :’(


Fortunately we can save cute half-elves and more than once at that too. :grin:


Are Leah can be saved? I already purchased the game but just still can’t reach end because retry habit​:joy: and while I usually not a fan of getting spoiled can someone please spoil me about leah fate?I just want to prepare for the worse if she can’t saved :disappointed:


She’s the reversed gender of Lamuel, the owner’s kid, right? If so then yes, they can definitely be saved