Editing, modding...cheating?


That’s not something I can help with but hopefully, others can point you in the right direction.


Thought I should add this since this is a general editing saves discussions. I figured out a way to edit save games on Steam.

For me the 7Zip method only let me acess scenes, and showed me if I would be able to successfully pass a stat roll with my current build. For this method we’re directly editing the SaveGame.

All you need is a programing text editor. First you need to locate your Steam folder. In Windows this is usually in Program Files (86) folder. But you can also right click on your game, and find the folder containing your game. Once you find the Steam folder look for a folder called userdata. You’re going to be looking through these numbered files, specfically in the remote files, until you find a file with your game’s name in it.
Easier way is just to find the game’s ID, especially if you have a huge library. You can usually look this up online by searching the name of your game and its Steam ID.So for example if I’m looking to edit Rent A Vice, I can look up ‘Rent a Vice Steam ID’. Then when I look in my userdata, I’ll just need to look for the coresponding number of the ID to quickly find the folder. Click the remote folder, and
inside you should see a couple of files. Open the files with you text editor/ programming editor of choice, and mess with the variables as you see fit. Since you’re directly editing your save, your new variables will appear in your current save, without having to start over because you only edited up the startup values.


A quicker way to find the ID is by:

  1. Right click on the game in your steam library
  2. Click properties
  3. Create desktop shortcut
  4. Right click on the shortcut, click properties
  5. In the target field, it should look like steam://rungameid/XXXXXX

Also, a good text editor to use is Notepad++, from my experience.


There is easier method, just change in Steam setting to show http address whenever possible and look at it on the game page. Or just find it in non-steam browser on first place.


I edit the games on my phone all the time, for Android all you have to do is backup the APK file then unzip it and edit the .json files. For example: create dark_magic 0 -> create dark_magic 100. Then rezip the files and rename the zip to something.apk and use zipsigner. Although some games are harder than others, some authors use a percentage numbers while others use a normal one. The games that use percentage numbers usually allows values over 100 while games that use normal numbers sometimes won’t let you, so if the value goes over 100 the game crashes


Is there a way to do this on an iPhone?