Editing, modding...cheating?


I have modified a app ( now deleted ) that took only 7 minutes and people were saying its not fast or easy.

I don’t see this thing going anywhere so just drop it.
I mean the piracy thing not the topic as its not going to happen anyway.


Got him to admit to pirating in a single post. Can I be an FBI agent now? Back on topic, I tried deleting the version.js and it works. Saved me one extra step so kudos to whoever posted that. I’m too lazy to roll up

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Very funny
( I am really laughing not being sarcastic as people tend to get it that way )
Now I am over with this thread.


Ok i won’t call it cheating but editing is the right word let me get to the point straight , to @jasonstevanhill it is to make surethat if the contents are against rule tgen you can flag it as soon as possible and prevent others from seeing it …
Now to the matter all games store their file in a system root folder called data and manipulating of this folder in case of choice games is easy u just need to open setting.xml file as a text and edit it . I don’t think you can cheat it with this anyway u can modify stats … Now Jason if it is against rule then I m sorry .But I think I had made sure that things which are not meant to be seen are made that way. By mentioning you …


I have no clue what I’m doing wrong. I’m on ios and the only json file I can find in the app files is allScenes.js (Lost Heir 2 and 3)


I’m convinced that lord @EmperorHeartless should just tell everyone how to cheat…


Metagaming* :wink:


You know, that brings up an interesting design question. Should authors just hard code cheats into their game to make them potentially more fun and increase replay value? Maybe if you get a good ending you could unlock a cheat code that you can use for your next playthrough… Ok, well I just answered my own question. :smiley:


@Nocturnal_Stillness game Unnatural does that. Personally, I enjoyed the feature.

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If I did it, in my dream way, and knowing choicescript (which I do not) I’d have you type in an overly long narcissistic compliment to the author (or copy and paste probably) that becomes a gag unto itself.


Ok cool so the infinite money cheat is: allhaildarkstalkerlordofthecosmos
All one word.

Cheat Code


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Yeah code’s found by completing it, in game and also in another game. I think it’s fun finding them.

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what about games hosted on dashingdon? do these tips still apply there-or is it even possible to cheat?


I suppose specifically the ones tetris made about working through Chrome and other web browsers, though really I’d just like to know if anything works on the dashington games


i suppose that’s a no then? alrighty


Hello Tetris, they updated chrome so that resources is now called application. I get to step 4 but I cannot edit the values. Please advise on how to do this exactly. Thank you!


Am I the only one for who the chrome editing no longer works?
I keep getting an error of ‘unexpected identifier’.


I switched to Firefox and that helped.


Can anyone help me figure out how to edit zombie exodus safe haven stats on Firefox? I found the normal edit area but either the changes don’t take effect or it crashes.