Editing, modding...cheating?

Hello, May I ask a question here?
I have tried to hack and tweaked a few games after I finished them in order to read through every possible choices without worrying about the stats too much :stuck_out_tongue: I have succeed in tweaking a few games but then I tried to tweak Zombie Exodus: Lost Haven - which is an in-app purchase game and when I tried to install the tweaked apk file and opened it, the game asked to purchase the full version again (I have bought the full version before I tweaked it). So my question is: After I hack and tweak the in-app purchase game, do I need to re-purchase the game using the tweaked version again or is there anyway to restore my purchase using the tweaked version? (I have tried to restore my purchase with Zombie Exodus: Lost Haven using the tweaked game but it kept telling me that I made no purchases before)

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So one thing I’ve noticed recently is that on Steam the most recent CoG games don’t seem to have any index.html, scenes folders, etc. after opening the application with 7zp. Instead what I see is a .rsrc folder and a couple of data files. I was wondering if anyone knows if I’m doing anything wrong or if editing/modding/cheating requires different steps now when using steam.

Can anyone help?


So, i’ve been playing quite a lot of COG games especially Kendrickstone and Daria, the both of them are awesome and if you haven’t played it yet, you should . The thing is i’ve been wanting to try to cheat just give it an extra replayability value. So can anyone help me ?

PS. I’m on Ios by the way, Jailbroken of course


i’m not entirely sure what exactly you’re trying to do here, or why cheating would somehow make it more replayable. if you can get at the .txt files to change the variables (the only way to really cheat for most cogs), there’s nothing stopping you from just reading the code to see what the alternate paths would be.

anyway, i’ve only got experience with the .apk’s, so i’ll hand it over to someone with more experience with the ios versions to answer the question


Well, for me it’s just a matter of being able to explore all the paths without fear of a bad ending and such.


If you really really want to cheat, you could use a desktop computer, download all the source files, and modify them to give yourself full stats. That takes a while though.

If you have ifile, go to your aplications, (cog you wish to cheat), and then go to my game, and in there go to scenes, and open startup.(iforgot its not txt) with text veiwer. press edit and then look through it and change what you want,


To get at a game’s code How To See Other Games' Code (current info posted in OP and Post 146 on 6/18/19)

You want to essentially copy all the game you want to cheat in, all of its files into a choicescript folder as if you were writing it yourself. See https://www.choiceofgames.com/make-your-own-games/choicescript-intro/

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@Redjohnnny I’ve edited startup but the problem is that it doesn’t change anything.

PS. The game im trying to edit is “Heir to Daria” if it’s any help

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don’t edit the .txt, you need to edit the json in text viewer. And when you finish restart your game.

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Oh ok then, thanks a lot

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I hate to ask but I have been serching for hours, where is the applications folder that holds the choice of games game. Im trying to edit The Lost Heir 2 but cant find any of the choice of games applications anywere on ifile. Im using a android, samsung s6. Thanks

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I’m sorry to ask but there must be something I’m missing; I can’t seem to get the changes to work.
Everytime I try to load the index.html I am left with a “script error” and the game won’t load…
(turns out it was chrome)

However now I am stuck with the lost heir 2 and 3 - I’m not finding their script files after extracting the .exe?

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ifile won’t help you much in android, rather any file explorer just complicates matters. You just need an apk editor for that, download any apk editor from playstore. Open it, select LH, go for whatever option that allows you to edit files inside apk and you are done.

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So I’ve downloaded the text files for the Lost Heir and edited the stats to play around. Is there anyway to upload the save at the end of game?


Yeah it’ll upload normally.

Everyone seems to want to cheat in the lost heir…

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Every time I try to upload the save, it says it is unable to.

Also, LH has lots of stats and possibilities so it’s nice to just play around and see what happens.

If you edit the game file, there is a possibility that you may break the app or some functionalities.
Rather than editing the app, I would suggest editing the save file, which is much more easier and is guaranteed to work.

However, I can only help you out with Android version (rooted of course).

Yeah, I’m just talking about the online version that is from the actual CoG site. I tried editing the iOS version but it wouldn’t install on my phone after putting it back into ipa format.