Editing, modding...cheating?

That’s Bull you actually don’t need to unpack the files with 7. Zip. You just need to open the app and edit the files on the fly. After you made your changes, you can save the edited files with 7. Zip into the app. This makes sure that you can use the app even on a non rooted phone with no problems what so ever. If you don’t want to use a computer, and want to change the files on your mobile use arc file manager to unpack an pack and a normal cheap shitty text editor. Make sure that you change the text and the json files. Than use lucky patcher to make the disgusting google security progs believe that’s an original app. Sorry kids, I just had to say this. I hope I didn’t do anything wrong with posting this and did not break any precious rules or pissed somebody of.


Yeah, you could have handled that better. Could have been less condescending and assholish, considering the reply I assumed you replied to was a year ago.


Could you please clarify? I opened up the app with 7zip but when I attempted to save the changes it told me it was read only. I tried this both when the app was running and when it wasn’t. For clarification i’m using the steam version.

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Yes sure, you transfer the apk as it is to the computer. Than you right-click on the file, than you go to option 7zip. Than left click on open. Know you see the folders and files of your main directory of the apk. Double-click on assets than double-click on Mygame, after that double-click on scenes. Know you should see the chapter files of your game. Each file as a txt and a .json. right-click for example on chapter1.txt. than press f4 or edit. Give the window half the size of your screen than right-click on chapter1.json press f4 or edit, give the window the size of the other half of the screen. Than change the values you want to change in both windows. After you finished changing, close the window. Than pops automatical a other window up and asks if you like to save your changes. Click on yes save… that’s it… done without pack or unpack the apk. On the fly. Sorry I am not a native English speaker so please excuse any errors.


I don’t want to be rude or anything but there might be a problem with your solution.

See, I tried out your suggestions and I’ve noticed that there is a drop in the file size when I edit the apk and soon after I try to install the edited version, the installation fails.

I’m guessing that this is related to the drop in file size I’ve just mentioned. Question: Is anybody else experiencing this when they edit their files and if so, do the apk’s still install properly or are they similar to my problem?

Hah not just Choice script. One night I was fiddling around with the developer tools on explorer trying to get a game for free, and I couldn’t figure it out. However, in my Computer Science class a few days later, we had a test and about 4 questions I knew the answer to from my messing around with the code. I still hate it I couldn’t get into the game… But hey I just bought it on my phone instead.

So I have the web version of sabres and firefox, but I’m still just as clueless on how to edit the files. Any help would be appreciated.

If anyone’s curious, there’s a way to look at and change all your variables for your current playthrough without editing any game files. It’s an easy way to look at all the hidden variables, skip to a different part of the game, give yourself super stats or whatever. I think it only works on the website version, and it’s kind of browser specific. You can do it by taking advantage of the save system that remembers your place when you close your browser, since it stores that information locally in your browser.

Basically, you open your browser’s devtools, find the string that has all your game information, make your edits, close your tab, then open another tab to continue playing the game normally but with your changes.

In Chrome:

  1. open devtools

  2. go to the resources tab

  3. open Web SQL and find the database with the name of your game (ex Dragon for Choice of the Dragon)

  4. look at the persist_data table and find the state key-value pair (ex {"version":"6575","stats":{"name":"Gorthalon","brutality":65,"cunning":"50", ...}) copy the value in the v column and change it to what you want

  5. Click on the database from 3) and Chrome will allow you to query it, for example
    update persist_data set v='{"version":"6575","stats":{"name":"Gorthalon","brutality":95,"cunning":"50","disdain":"50","gender":"male","wounds":"0","blasphemy":"0","infamy":"50","wealth":"50000","encourage":"0","victory":"0","clutchmate_alive":false,"vermias_killed_axilmeus":false,"callax_alive":true,"callax_with":false,"sceneName":"startup"},"temps":{"choice_reuse":"allow","choice_user_restored":false,"choice_crc":1278011500,"choice_purchased_adfree":true,"choice_purchased_everything":true,"choice_purchase_supported":false,"royal":"princess","royal_him":"her","royal_his":"her","royal_she":"she","royals":"princesses","color":null},"lineNum":296,"indent":8}' where k='state'
    to give yourself 95 brutality and 50k gold.
    Chrome doesn’t give any feedback if the update function is successful but you can see the change in the persist_data table

  6. close the tab, open another tab and go back to the game to see your changes.

In Firefox:

  1. open devtools, select Storage in your toolbox options if it’s not selected

  2. go to the Storage tab

  3. open Local Storage and click on choiceofgames.com

  4. this time the keys are called something like PSDragonPSstate, the values are the same as Chrome

  5. go to the console tab, use the web storage API to edit your values, ex
    localStorage.PSDragonPSstate='that long string';

  6. same as Chrome

Edge is the same as Firefox but you have to look in the Debug tab for localStorage; I haven’t tried other browsers.

If you mess with your local storage tables and break the game you can just reset, or clear or delete the entries.


If you’re doing it through Chrome store…
The way I do it is:
[AccountName], Make sure that Hidden Items is checked (If not, got to view at the top and click on the box that says Hidden items, AppData, Local, Google, Chrome, UserData, Default, Extensions, Then you’ll come across folders with names like ghdnalnkkkjwwend.
All those files are apps downloaded through Chrome Store. Find the correct app, go to scenes, and then edit the .json files using a editor like Notepad.

Webstore version I think you can only view the files, not edit them.
Firefox… Can’t help there.

Wait, so does anyone have an Idea how to take the steam version of Sabres and edit it, so it can be ported over to the steam version of guns?

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The .EXE file downloaded from Steam is a self-extracting archive – with a 3rd party unzip utility, you can right click on it and select “Open as archive” and see the files. You could then unzip all the files into another directory, delete the .json files in the “scenes” directory, make your changes, and run the game by double clicking on the index.html file.

However, you almost certainly wouldn’t be able to get Steam achievements this way, and you might not be able to save your game (to carry over to part 2) either. You might be able to do these things if you delete the .JSON files out of the archive, then overwrite the scene/*.TXT files with your modified instances – it depends on exactly how the unarchiving utility deals with the additional information that is included in the Steam packaging.

Would you recommend a 3rd party program? I’m about to give it a spin with 7zip.

7-Zip is actually what I use. To re-iterate: I’ve never tried to make modifications with this process, only to extract the scene files to follow along with the code. There are a large number of potential difficulties that I can see with trying to make modifications that I don’t really see the point.

So i’ve been noticing that the changes i made in games such as Metahuman Inc. and Guns of infinity won’t stick, any ideas as to why this happens i’m on ios by the way.


Because it’s an Apple Product there OS is so weird might as well just do it with an android there built for modding basically but is it Jail Broke


So I could not get it to work on either browser. I typed (shortened versions of what I actually copied into the console.)
Chrome: update persist_data set v= ‘{“version”…’
Firefox: localStorage.PSVampirePSstate= ‘"{“version”…’;
For the firefox browser it would say before command error, so I tried using localStorage.setItem, but then it just said an after command error.

I don’t know what it is about the vampires string that causes the problem, but in firefox you can use JSON.stringify({“version”:…}) instead of the quotation marks and it should work.

no help with that one, but I did lose my marbles confused why it kept telling me I need “;” before the argument

So in Life of a Wizard; I have encountered an error: “JSON.parse: unexpected non-whitespace character after JSON data at line 1 column 4 of the JSON data.” Does that mean the character is out of context of how the game is setting them up or something. I have encountered a few errors with the JSON.parse… kinda annoying.

I followed your instructions and when I tried to change the startup.txt and startup.txt.json with various text editor app and it just wont save do you have any idea. sorry for my english