EazyE Needs Help Thread (Using the Program)

I do not understand how to use this program. I had to download Firefox and it did not immediately open the link to access this Choice Script program. I am completely lost as to utilizing it to create a game that I already wrote out but need to convert using this. Any help or insight?! Please and thanks

I’ve got a guide that include everything you’ll need to know to start using ChoiceScript here.

thank you so much, i appreciate it

i still do not understand a lot of this, lost me at foo and bar… lol ijs

i understand a basic choice format but not setting genders, having a choice end the game where other choices would continue the game or having previous choices lead to restriction of choices ater on. I already have my choice story written, it’s just trying format it to this program as a 1st time user

If that’s the case would you like to collaborate with me? I am a coder.

I have a lot of free time and would love to work on your story. Also I would help you in any coding related problem. Please pm me!

i just need to know basics of how to set up choices and variables. if there’s several choices but each leads to the next question,…

any insight u could give would be much welcomed

You mean sth like:
*create gender “”
*create interested_in “”

You are…

  #a handsome guy
    *set gender "male"
    *goto attraction
  #an attractive girl
     *set gender "female"
    *goto attraction
*label attraction
Are you attracted to men or women?
    *set interested_in "men"
    *set interested_in "women"
    *set interested_in "men and women"

your example is more understandable

i mean like

you decide to go to the mall
buy clothes
you max out card
buy food
you get food poisoning
check for guys/girls
you get hit on by the security guard

how to do transition to next scene no matter this choice???

the next day

Just use a *fake_choice like I did. With *fake_choice you don’t need to use *goto or *finish so it goes like:

You decide to go to the mall. What do you want to do?

  #Buy clothes.
    You max out card.
  #Buy food.
    You get food poisoning.
  #Check for guys/girls.
    You get hit on by the security guard.

The next day.

PS: Your ‘hero’ seems to be pretty unlucky ^^"

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when i tried to see if it works, the “next day” doesn’t come up. it rather says game over

put a *page_break after the next day then.
*edit: I was replying on your post on another topic but as you opened too many the mods closed the others.
So, I was saying:
It should work. Can you send me the txt file or copy the part of code here ?

@EazyE Please ask all your questions here. You don’t need multiple threads.

If you highlight the code and press the </> button, you can keep the right spacing in a forum post without having to add in periods.

Goto. Use a *goto command to go to a *label command, or a *goto_scene command to go to a different scene. If you add the same goto after ten different options, all of those options will loop back to the same next section.

It shouldn’t say “game over” until you hit *finish in the last scene.

I have read the wiki info and to no avail. I do not understand how to allow choices to prior scenes limit choices in later scenes nor skip to another scene based on a prior choice. Nor does it make it clear how to set gender to apply it to certain questions throughout the story. It was a task just figuring out to go from one basic scene to the next and then when inquiring, getting reprimanded because of not “reading forum rules” when majority allow free flow threads. Some things need to be simply stated, which is not the case here.

Try the search function for any of the dozens of threads on this very subject.