Easier to write by hand than via a computer?

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I’m finding, now that I have a WIP on my own, that I have a more difficult time writing on my computer. Doing it on my phone is fine, though. I get best results by hand (although that’s more time consuming choice, since I have to transfer it onto the scene files later). I just wanted to know if you’ve had similar experiences? Maybe I’m just old-school, idk :rofl:

Btw I checked the topics but didn’t find a thread on this particular subject.

This might give you some ideas on how people feel.

(Do you like writing on paper?)

As I stated I enjoy the feel of the writing but now days it seems the same all around. I’m also graduated now, so my motivation for writing on paper was associated with th fact that school was a stickler about the no phone policy.

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Thank you for the link! :smiley:

I have issues with taking my own writing seriously, if it isn’t on paper. Weird.

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I have the opposite issue since I personally get extremely frustrated when I think faster than I write. So my handwriting is about as awful as possible. Keyboard is great since its extremely quick in passing your ideas into words. Also nothing can possibly feel better than a mechanical keyboard. Absolutely orgasmic.

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I can relate a 'lil bit! If have a really good flow, typing is easier/more rewarding than writing. But for me to actually “get into” the flow, I need pen and paper. :sweat_smile:

I used to write a lot by hand. Now that I use a computer for just about everything, I find using a pen quite difficult for any extended period. Which is weird, because I am also a sketch artist!

I’m addicted to writing with a computer. I can write by hand and have no issue, but I can do it faster on computer.

There is, however, one benefit to writing by hand.

“The essence of writing is rewriting”

So if you write it out with pen and paper, that’s the hard part. The first draft is the hard part. When you read and type it all in for the second draft, the mistakes become more visible. That’s the easy part.

If you struggle to type on a computer, that might just be the best way to get it done.


I see, the advancements of technology lol. But does your hand cramp? Or like, hurt, after a while? Mine does that if I’ve been writing too long. :upside_down_face:

Writing on a computer makes it a lot easier for me to edit simple mistakes as I go (or add details) but as @crookedcrow said, rewriting the final draft by hand makes you look over it a lot more closely and makes mistakes obvious.

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I have fibromyalgia so I often get pain in a variety of places, sadly.

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All about Google Docs here. I wrote most of my contest entry in it, and then retyped it or copy-pasted it in CSIDE when it was time to code. Serves as a good chance to edit and revise, and there’s just something about a word document that just begs to be filled with, well, words. I love the cross-platform access. I can even use it to type on my phone; I don’t often do so for obvious reasons, but it is nice to have the option.

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I vastly prefer pen/paper mostly because fountain pens and decent paper make the experience so much more enjoyable. I haven’t started a WIP or anything but I started taking notes on the basic choicescript stuff on paper… probably impractical but I’ll remember it better this way.

When I can actually bring myself to open a word doc I can tear through stuff, but I find a blank screen way more intimidating than a blank notebook page for some reason.

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If you need to get things done on a deadline quickly and professionally, open up that word processor and blitzkrieg for days

But if you want to write more slowly and take careful consideration of every word then the pace of pen and paper really forces your hand in that regard


Oh! That’s pretty neat. I do use Google docs a fair bit, but I jut haven’t thought of using it for my WIP. Maybe I should… :upside_down_face:

True dat. Srsly tho, I have the same feeling. The empty documents of horror.

It’s only empty until you type the first word. Then it’s officially a story in progress.


I also use Google Docs often just because I can’t take my computer everywhere with me, but I want to write or at least do some progress when I’m outside. (`益´) I usually get the urge to write when I can’t use my computer.

I can’t write with pen and paper; mainly because I lose papers all the time and I type 200x faster than I do with a hand. Not that I don’t write fast, but my handwriting gets sloppy and hurried and I’d go, “what did I just write?”. My hand does ache after a while, but it recovers pretty easily. Still. Honestly, I only have one eraser, and that’s on a erasable brown colored pencil (all the other colored pencils ran out). ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

I don’t think I can even write a plausible story if use a paper. I’m hard-wired into writing essays with a pen and fiction with a computer. feelsbadman

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The great thing about writing w/ a computer is that your work becomes very malleable. You can easily make copies and do edits to your work - good labeling is crucial at this stage, lest you end up with 10 versions of chapter 1 and not knowing which is your final piece. Cloud storage also makes your work super accessible, and hard to lose even if your computer crashes.

On the flip side, writing on paper seems harder to organize - you have to file everything manually and it’s easy to lose/damage. That said, I do like planning out story structure on paper - I use a notebook instead of loose sheets so that everything is in one place. Also, there’s a nice romantic vibe to writing on paper hahaha