Anyone write better when under pressure?

Forget NaNoWriMo, this app will really give you the pressure needed to keep writing. :slight_smile:


My God that would kill me. I can’t help but stop sometimes lol

No! That would probably kill me! :frowning:

Are… are you a monster?

0_0 I feel that this tool would fit perfectly for me though…

Oh, lord, no. I’m the pause-for-three-minutes-to-think-of-the-perfect-word type. Also what if I get a sneeze attack??


I have looked into the face of evil…and it was this app. :dizzy_face:

Seriously, I used to be the person in college who couldn’t find her muse until the night before an 8-10 page research paper was due (and pull it out of my ass off surprisingly well), but this is a whole other level of OMG NO WHY WOULD YOU PUNISH YOURSELF THIS WAY. Better have your snacks and bathroom breaks taken care of before starting, I guess.


It’s a foul-looking app, yet I can’t look away from it.

I guess “desperate” really is the right word to use, huh?

This is actually proving to be quite helpful for me. I’m actually getting writing done. Claps

Thank you @Lucid. The pressure certainly adds a new… flair to writing for me.


Oh. That thing. I already saw that used during the last two editions of NaNoWriMo. I prefer the standard word-sprints though. Some actual competition and no danger of losing your progress. (I always end up with one of the lowest wordcounts, but that aside :sweat_smile:)

This is terrifying. Though it does have me thinking about how to apply this concept for a horror story… Write or die…


They could have their heart replaced with a mechanical construct which is linked to a typewriter so literally every key press causes it to beat so they have no choice but to keep writing otherwise there heart would stop.


The writer is locked in a cabin. There is a room next door where captives are held. They are instructed to write: stopping for more than five seconds will result in a random death.

One of the captives. Their own. Or… their manuscript.

Which of these outcomes would be most frightening for the writer? Which of them will survive the night?

cue dramatic music


I might try this out tonight for 5 minutes as test run. What’s the worst that can happen? If I lose the work, it’s really not a loss because normally I probably would have been half-watching Gotham :pick::umbrella2::gun: or Monday Night Football anyway.:football:


-cracking my fingers, with standard “gritty private eye voiceover” narrating my thoughts-

It was one of those nights. Another jam I got myself into, and with no dame to blame for this one. Well, I’ll just blame the whiskey. I can always blame the whiskey…the whiskey and my GD brilliant writing. It was just a matter of time before this happened…question is…how do I get myself out of this, hell how do I get them ALL out of this while I’m typing every second and I can’t even come up for air to think of a witty thought…ugh this is gonna be a long night…


That app is similar to Write or Die. Write or Die has more of a variety of consequences though. You can set it so it doesn’t eat your words up (shows or plays the sound of something you hate instead), you can set the grace period and a wordcount goal for the session, and it has positive reinforcement when you reach milestones.


Holy crap,that is BRUTAL.Yet,in a way,very effective.

This app somehow manages to beat procrastination,of all things.And any app(quite frankly,any THING) that acheives that deserves an award.


I wrote 18% of Opium Season in the 10 days before the drop-dead publisher deadline. Barely slept and ate. But while I’m not sure I’d say I wrote better, I also don’t think there was much drop in quality. The whole thing needed more editing than we had time for. But it got done!


Whoever made the app is really mean. Nah, me joke about person be mean. I not do this I mess this up and It make me mad at me self. I thinking good way to pump ideas, but not something I can stay two be productively.

This is what I picture when I’m writhing…
My old imaginary friend who just happened to be a demon I was an odd child, still am. Anyway, he stands behind me and yells " KEEP WRITHING YOU F------ IDIOT" I would respond mentally with " I’m trying, I only have so long to do this until the end date…" then he would say “well, I shall make sure you will keep writhing…NOW WRITE” me will have an unhappy face and shall respond with “how did I ever think of something like you?” He will always respond with "believe me, I ask myself the same thing"
I know it’s long but there is no way to shorten this crazy part of my life…or any of it thinking about it…

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Brutality is always effective…