How and where do you write? What is YOUR writing method?


Quick question for all you writers out there.
What is your method for writing?

In case anyone is confused as to the question, then I will post my own, and hopefully this will give you an idea of what I’m asking.

[[My Method]]
First of all having my phone with me is a must, when ever I get a new idea for a story of part of one, then I add it immediately to my phone’s notebook app.

I also have many different notepads in which I write my ideas down in, long before I turn on the computer to write. I find my self drawing charts, making maps, writing down names of people, places and things that I would like to include in my games.

I carry all my files on a U.S.B stick, that way whenever I see a computer I can plug it in and start writing. This have helped me to write many extra pages. -although I find that the content that comes from such rushed writing often isn’t very good.

I really enjoy writing outside, in my backyard on the laptop, in the car at work on my lunch break and anywhere else out in the open. I find that the ideas that come are usually BIG ones, but I get exhausted easily when writing outside.

On the other hand when I write on the computer inside, I find that I can write twice as fast. I don’t know if it’s the physical keyboard or just that I’m more comfortable sitting at the computer but I can usually push out twice as many pages. I do find however that my grammar is usually horrible and there are many typos when using my PC inside.

And of course I always, always, always read my stories OUT LOUD. I’m amazed at how different everything sounds when I read it in my head as opposed to reading it out loud.

Anyway, what is your writing style?


I have a dream journal that I write down stories in when I wake up. That and Me and my friends always have story telling competitions. The good ones that I come up with I usually continue on. At this time I have 2 completely written stories and 3 still being written. They just aren’t chose your own adventure games.


Like blackicicle, I always have my phone with me. I have a long commute and writing on my phone is a good time-killer. The app I have allows me to sync my notes with Google Docs, so it’s easy to get them on the computer for further editing.

My creativity really spurs into action when I’m walking, especially in circles around my house. I can twist a lot of things into ideas, some of which work, and some of which don’t. Sometimes, I know exactly how to write part X, but not a clue of how to structure sentence Y.

I find that having a bit of structure helps me stay on track, but I don’t like so much rigid outlining that I feel caged. One of my outlines is just the name of each chapter, followed by a summary of the major events in that chapter.

When I’m really stuck for ideas (as in, I can’t get the story to move unless I unstick XYZ) I ask my friends, because it’s nice to get a new perspective. I also have my prose-loving friends look over my stories, mostly so I can tell whether or not I’ve been clear enough in my writing.

After I’m finished with a chapter or a story or whathaveyou, I always leave it alone for a couple of days so I can look back at it with a pair of fresh eyes.


I usually have my phone with me when it comes to traveling (I travel a lot). I get most of my ideas from the ocean(I grew up on it) and the books I read. I use my phone when I am at sea and a notepad for when I am reading. For some reason I can turn words I hear (complicated words) into something different. So I can come up with names , settings , ideas basically anything that goes in a story

When I am diving I see a lot of animals that give me ideas and when I surface I put them into my phone.Then I take all I know and make something of it


When I get an idea, I get compulsive and have to jot it down. Phone or in Google Docs are my primary method places. In my first CoG game, since I figured out how to write ChoiceScript, I have worked 20-30 hours a week for a month on it, and I have a 40 hour per week job and new girlfriend! So, 20-30 hours per week on my story is a huge chunk of life, but I am completely compelled to work on it daily.

When I am in compulsion mode, I can write anywhere, but my favorite place is in my bedroom, with just calm music. No metal when I’m writing :slight_smile:


I take the Douglas Adams approach. Long baths and nights filled with staring blankly at a work-in-progress.

Nah, apparently like a good chunk of people here, I do rely a *bit* on notebooks (Though in this case not on the phone, writing something out by hand can sometimes alleviate block)

I don’t always hold to the notes however and most of my outlines become even more and more vague until I realize I’ve written something completely different (And often better!) than what I aimed to do.

Writing about completely mundane things and blowing them up into the fantastical is kind of helpful too. It gives a very different perspective on the things that surround you and what they mean.

First and foremost though, I always feel that while a story can begin with a concept, it’s the characters and their interactions that MUST drive it through, even if it means abandoning your original idea.


I use my phone all the time for planning and general ideas, but all the written work is done directly onto pc with trance or classical music in the background (no lyrics. Can’t have lyrics.)
Pen and paper is also better than a phone when I have it to hand.


wow. Great responses guys. I definately plan on trying some of these suggestions. I especially like the ‘walking’ in circles one.


Black… or I should say blade… lol I keep my phone with me all the time… But I use it to listen to music(peaceful/depressing music) when I write …I uh end up writing from the top of my head… like foreal… I speak out what I’m thinking to write about…and write as I’m speaking… if that makes sense… what comes up, must come out… meaning what comes up in my head must come out my mouth onto paper… I just write the best I can and then stop at a checkpoint then go over what I wrote so far… I see how its developing and then decide or change the plot, change or decide settings and choose multiple stages the character will go through(basically revise what needs to be revise)… and go on from there… sounds so unprofessional or unorganized compare to the way you guys do it… but lol worked fine for me in the past… I turned in a short story for my pre AP English class using my method and well… Turned out great… 92% … got a “A” grade. :wink:


I keep scrap paper on me all the time, to write down quick notes after I get off work I spend an hour transferring those notes to my laptop. I spend 4 to 5 hours a day writing 5 days a week. Of course learning this program has slowed me down to 3 hours learning and one hour writing. It is getting easier now so I should be back on track shortly.


All my ‘writing’ notes are done with pen and paper, while most of my ‘world building notes’ are in txt files. As for where and when I write, it’s pretty much whenever I can force myself to stay seated long enough to acually put the words down and they aren’t coming out completely jumbled.

I do little thinking on the actual plot of a story. I have a direction and a number of points that I need to hit, but actually hitting them is just a matter of writing until I get there. I don’t like to draw details out of who is going to do what in advance (although I keep pretty good details about where character have *been*, a habit I picked up when I wrote a number of stories where I had to keep track of 20+ characters who each have various things they knew about a mystery plot.)

Personally I write more about character than plot. I begin with the characters and easily abandon any idea in favor of developing and staying true to the character.


Great ideas. I often find myself doing the same as well. for me certain plot points are a must or there simply wont be a story to write but at times I rewrite minor plot points as well in favor of character developmment.


I usually sit down and think about it. Not only have come to like choicescript I like to write manga. I am working on one at the moment. Though nothing gets written down. I have a great memory for my own Ideas and I have a powerful enough idea I can remember it indefinantly. I have stories I wrote in 6th grade I can remember in vivid detail and plan to work on them eventually.


Notebook and iPad, mostly. I’m hyper-creative with plot tribbles that are inspired by anything and everything, and so none of my ideas really get finished.