Dystopia: The Reaping [Demo Update 11/10/2019]

You play as a Junior Reaper, your Mother having been murdered by your new mentor. Your job is to go where the Department der Reaping sends you, and then Reap Citizens of which the Government has designated. Of course, you are not obligated to carry out the orders on Citizens lives, you can Reap whom you please. As long as you meet your quota.

There is one choice within the entire thing currently, I just wanted to establish the theme of the world. I’m going to be updating it a lot more, starting with Character Customization and starting stats.

11/10/2019: Demo Update
Added in [Lore] under [Choicescript_stats]. Currently work in progress.
More choices, some more story
Character customization 10-25% Done, Gender and Name added.
Stats added.

11/22/2019: Demo Update
Stats added.
Small amount of story content added.



Not bad. My advice for you is to reduce the size of text (blocks), that way the reader won’t feel overwhelmed, giving it a more smooth style.


It’s a very short demo but it looks interesting. Found this


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Oops, I accidently made that a # instead of a *.

Too short of a demo to get a full opinion, but nice premise over all.

On thing i will comment on: maybe have a choice for the player on how their MC reacts to seeing their mother dead


Look good I’ll try it out

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This reminds me of a book called Scythe by Neal Shusterman. It has a very similar setting. I’m looking forward to this game :blush:

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I actually got the concept for the Reapers from his book series. Cannot wait for “The Toll”!

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