Duskguard [WIP] [50% of Prologue] [16K words] [Dark, Low, Medieval Fantasy]

Page Not Found, Or Private.

you have to get adult member role

How do I view the nsfw demo?

As @Krieg_Enthusiast mentioned, you’ll have to join the Adults Readers group. After you do that, you’ll be able to access all NSFW threads.

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There is an update posted in the NSFW thread over here :slightly_smiling_face:


how do you achieve this?

You need to join the adult readers’ group:



Okay the presentation get me intrigued gonna check this out then.

Wow if this is the prologue then well done, it’s already quite descriptive about whatever is going on in the story.

So far MC still blank canvas here not into the customization yet.

Looking forward to resolution of the mob event after “house” event.