Dropbox HTML hosting 404 error help

It’s from an old WIP. Dropbox no longer supports “html hosting”.

Hi there!

So I wasn’t around for this, but I did get an explanation from @Fawkes, and an anciet and wise user, lol.

Dropbox used to let authors post links to compiled versions of their game that Dropbox would show as webpages. Before DashingDon, this was the way people would post their WIPs for testing. But Dropbox decided that they would only offer that feature for paying users, so everyone migrated to DashingDon and it’s been a roaring success since if you ask me.

Anyway, there’s no way to fix that if it’s from an inactive author as no one but them will have access to the game files. Unfortunate, I know. There’s a lot of old games that I wish I could have played but just won’t get the chance to because time just marches on. :’)