Driver's Ed (WIP) (Demo)

Well, since I have decided not to work with beezlebub on his post apocalyptic game due to moral disagreements, I figure I should just write my own.
This game is going to be a short(er) comedy where you play a driver’s ed teacher. You get to deal with insane students, disgruntled bosses, and all that fun stuff while trying not to get killed by those crazy student drivers :P.
The first chapter is finished, and I think I have the dropbox link set up properly. Check it out and let me know if it works :slight_smile:

The link goes to a Dropbox download page for the index file instead of actually going to the game itself.

@bapa any advice on fixing that?

No, sorry. I was just making sure you knew since filehosting can sometimes work perfectly for the uploader but not for anyone else.

Make sure you have your game in the ‘public’ folder. Once you have it there, you can right clic on index.html and copy the public link.

I tried that but I don’t have a public folder since it’s a new account

You have to make a public folder on Dropbox then installing it off there then copy the link and place it on here

It’s in a folder named public.

Not sure how to do it from there ask


Alright, well, I’ll keep playing with it but if any of you want to try the game in the meantime, you can download the mygame folder through this link

@aquila I get a 500 error from that link

Oh… Try this one, then:

@aquila same

_< It works fine to me :S

@TheIslandOfArria you have to go dropbox setting. and choose enable public folder and
lace your game there- If you are in a mobile you have to enter in web in pc mode to enable files.

I still can’t make it work. Has anyone dl’d it to try it out? Still looking for feedback
@mj will try that tommorow thx

It sounds like a fun story but the drop box link doesn’t work

I posted a second link to dl the my game folder as a .zip, until I can fix DB

I’d suggest going to the Choicescript wiki and following the instructions on how to make a link in dropbox for your gamebook.