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I’m quite new to this. Is there something that i need to know about creating drawings and cover arts? (The resolutions or something else) I only just created 2 covers and 1 drawings, and i feel quite alien to digital drawing since i spent my time drawing on paper and not glass. Any tips for a newbie?

I use an app on android called IbisPaintX. The app created jagged lines if i look closer, should i use other apps? And why are they better?

Feel free to share your arts too. We’re the patrons of art after all, hahaha


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Well. I don’t know about digital drawing but my brother does. What he does is that they transfer his drawings on paper to digital drawing by means of an image scan and with the scanned drawing he recreates it digitally and shapes it to upload it to a digital drawing file. He has done so to create space race tribute art in his 50s and he still did it for the SpaceX space race


Hi Dzeeck,

I personally don’t know or use Ibis, but I’d recommend looking in the app or googling for a ‘line stability’ option or something similar that will help stabilize and smoothen your lines.

Best of luck!

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My advice all comes from working in Photoshop on Wacom tablets so I’m not sure how well they’ll apply to you but–!

1.) There are paper-textured pen nibs and screen protectors you can buy to give your tablet that more familiar textured feeling while drawing. I used the paper pen nibs for awhile before I got used to drawing digitally.

2.) Check your brush settings to see if it has some sort of jitter turned up that may be causing jaggedness.

3.) Saving as a jpeg causes some quality loss to images in general. I prefer to save as a png. The trade off is that the file size is much bigger with pngs.
aaaahhh I tried to post example pictures but of course the site messed up their quality so you could barely see the difference between the png and jpeg. I’m being punished for my hubris BUT please trust me on this :cry: you could probably look up examples of jpeg vs png

4.) Working on bigger canvas sizes and resolutions also helps. Websites tend to stretch out smaller pictures to better fit their format which screws up picture quality further. Meanwhile, higher resolutions are good for when you want to print out your work.
72 ppi is fine for viewing on screens/posting online, but at least 300 ppi is good for prints.
My own canvas setup is 17in x 11in @ 300 ppi.

Your drawing is looking good already so I hope my advice helps!


Noted, line stability. I do have line stability, but when i zoomed in the line is still jagged…:frowning:

What kind of wacom do you think best for a newbie like me?

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Either a medium sized Wacom Intuos or Wacom One should be good.
Depending on your budget you could go for the smaller sizes of those tablets or try out a Huion tablet which I heard are good quality while running cheaper than Wacom. Haven’t tried that brand out myself though.


I’ll try it, we will find out how good is it :smiley:

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That’s unfortunate. I’m not familiar with the program so I don’t know the extent of its capabilities.

Another program you might want to consider is Clip Studio Paint. A program that is very cheap for its value (there’s a free, medium and a premium version and all can be accessed through a trial period) it offers a vast amount of features and is stable and reliable (on my pc at least I can’t vouch for tablet or the like)

It is most likened to photoshop, and can even import Pshop brushes (though their brush engines aren’t the same so you still might have to tweak it a bit)

Huion also has some issues with line stability since it’s a cheaper brand, the last time I checked which is about 3 quarters of a year ago. It really depends on your budget and your needs. It might be enough for some, but 2 of my friends who are venturing into professional artist territory were not satisfied with it and returned it.
It is however, affordable, and rapidly developing.

As Tiravi mentioned, higher resolution and size set before the drawing process starts, may help. What are your current dimensions so we can get an idea?

Also, would you like constructive criticism/feedback on your artwork or nah? :slight_smile:


personally, i use Huion drawing tablets (I can’t afford wacom) and I use Clip Studio Paint Pro. The jaggedness could also be the type of brush/tool you’re using. I know in clip studio paint, you can play with how sharp/blurry/blended drawing tools can be. If there’s an option for the in Ibis Paint, I’d play around with the tool/brush settings.


sure, give me feed back.

I’m using 800x900

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What type of Huion, friend?

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Mine is a Huion H610 Pro. granted, its like 7 years old at this point and huion has improved it with a batteryless stylus and more buttons. So I have the old version.


oh yeah, Huion is pretty good and far more affordable than Wacom. Like I have Wacom intuos and the cable is not that sturdy ??? (idk how to describe it in english, basically the cable suck lol)

I mainly Huion. Been using the smallest one h640 for 5 years, and it still works like a charm. The size for that type is too small tho, so maybe get something bigger with the same brand.
(Also I heard Huion sell the screen tablet too. Idk about the quality, but its bigger and also far more cheaper than wacom cintiq)

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i just bought a huion, and it’s hell. drawing on glass, do you feel this when started using wacom? is there anything i should do to make the surface less ‘glassy’
I’m even struggling making a single eye
lol. i need your guidance

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Hello! Paint Tool Sai and Clip Paint Studio are two of my favorites. SAI is a lightweight illustration program that I use. It’s also user-friendly, so you can quickly learn how to use it.

Clip Paint Studio, on the other hand, is similar to Photoshop. Great for creating manga, comics, animations, and so on.


Got it, SAI.

Btw, do you have tips for a new drawing pad user? i never used to draw on screen, i always use paper.


I don’t have any useful tips. But here goes…

  • Use pen stabilizer to make your lines smoother.
  • Always use 300 resolution (personal preference).
  • Instead of using the keyboard, use the tablet’s buttons.
  • Spam ctrl + z :laughing:.
  • Create your own brush (personal preference).
  • Layers and Textures are great to play with.

Hope it helps. :blush:


hahaha, it’s really frustating.

thanks, i’ll try to get this done. :smiley:

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Also remember to save :open_mouth: (you don’t want to lose eight hours of progress for tech crashing)