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Yup! I felt that too. :laughing: At first I would do what Francisco_Mendez mentioned. Drawing traditionally, scanning the picture, then inking and coloring digitally. Later, I bought replacement pen nibs that had a paper texture to them. Those don’t perfectly replicate paper, but it was a nice halfway point that got me used to drawing on the tablet. Now I can draw on a tablet without’em.

Also gonna second Beebavel and Liliarch.
You’re gonna find yourself spamming undo until the line is ~just right~ and always save your progress!

Edit: Looked up the pen nibs I was talking about and realized I misremembered what they’re called. They’re felt pen nibs! Huion has some here :+1:

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@beebavel @Tiravi

Good news, now i can sketch. But i still do not understand on how that bee said about ‘create brush’

Perhaps the two of you know how to do the create brush thing? And another thing, i use photoshop. Another media/app i use is very foreign and there’s minor and annoying bugs i encounter. For example: when i use SAI, the cursor always move to the top left of the screen for some reason :frowning:

for brush, i tried using what Tiravi used, but it is jagged. Instead i use this

This is my current skill progress in the drawing pad

Thanks for all the help guys, i think i get the hang of it.


Hi @Dzeeckreal

Before plugging in your tablet, you must first leave SAI. Don’t plug in your tablet while SAI is running; this will trigger the bug.

Also, for the custom brush, simply experiment with the properties of each brush you can find. You can create your own (SAI) textures/brushes by simply altering them in the
advanced options. :blush:


The hardest part of making a cover is that it has to work in numerous different sizes, and in both portrait and landscape orientation.


Oh man…

I’d like to kill myself. The problem is because my drawing pad, not SAI. But hey, at least i can still use the PhotoShop. Thank you for helping :slight_smile:

Sizes? There’s more than one?

Yup. The splashscreen is often/usually (I don’t know which) a different image.

A 1024x1024 icon, resizable to 48x48.
○ This icon should NOT include the name of your game.
○ Be sure to try resizing your icon down to 48x48 to make sure it looks OK at that

Landscape promotional image. This image can include the name of your game in a large
○ Large 1024x500 landscape
○ Large 1400x560 landscape
○ 480x320 landscape
● Splashscreens. This screen will be displayed briefly as the game starts; without a splash
screen, the screen will turn black for a second or two while the game loads. These
should NOT include the name of your game.
○ 480x800 portrait (Android)
○ 640x960 portrait (iPhone)
○ 1242x2208 portrait (iPhone 6+)
○ 1536x2048 portrait (iPad portrait)
○ 2048x1536 landscape (iPad landscape)


How does one draw a smooth line? I tried using the smooth line thing, but it’s not as I expected compared to other digital drawings I look at. :thinking:

Do I need to drag it in a single line, or this is just me being new, and my hand will understand how to draw it? :worried:

@LiliArch @Tiravi

That depends on what software you’re using. (Plus, some are easier on the line stability than others.)

If playing around with brushes and/or settings hasn’t made a difference then yeah it may just be that you’re new.
I tend to have a pretty light hand while drawing traditionally, but that doesn’t quite work out well when I’m drawing digitally. There’s an unsteadiness in my lines when I draw too lightly and hesitantly on the tablet. It’s sensitivity picks up pretty easily on the shakiness of my hands so I try be quick and confident with my strokes.

Maybe, before you do your actual drawings, do some quick warms up first where you just scribble lines and get used to the motion needed to make them steady?

And just because how I like how it's coming along here's a sketch of my I The Forgotten One MC that I'm gonna clean up later.

For me, the study of neural networks is a very interesting area. Especially when it comes to drawing. I am programming in Javascript and have a poor understanding of this topic.