Drawing comics for you!

*whistles innocently

Nope not me just trying to be helpful :innocent:


Well, that sucks. I guess the only advice I can think to give is to post your art around on as many sites as possible and gain a nice, big fan base, so that if you ever do start doing paid work, you’ll already have a large following, some of whom would be more than happy to pay for commissions. :blush:


I’m quite self-consious about my art, especially since it doesn’t have that polished look most other’s have.
And, well, the internet is nothing if not a giant feeding ground for inferiority complexes. So much talent, just a single click away…

So I’ve been putting it of for ages, thinking “I will do it again, when I reach the point where my art looks right”.

I’m hoping this whole thing can help me get back on track. :blush:


well the beauty about drawing , is that : 1) it come in draft first , thats how art is born . You make a small silhouette and peoples go '‘whistle look good so far ! Keep at it! ‘’ . which often translate as ‘I can see a shape , yay! I wanna see how it turn out!’’ . which is very positive when it’s a draft .

where writing , the draft is the breakfast for beta tester and that get you a sour face that say ‘‘yeah…that actually hurt reading. How about you fix ALL of that and I try again in a couples of years?’’ .

that’s So true…

I hope it get you back on track!

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Where do you expose your art? I’m intrigued

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I don’t. currently.

I used to use deviantART, and other such sites, a decade ago. But I stopped using them.

Though I did have some of my paintings shown at a semi-public location for a month last year.

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Looking forward to seeing some comics from you. If you do end up drawing one of mine I can put it up on the website if you wish :slight_smile:


That would be cool. :blush:

I haven’t really gotten anything done yet, because just after offering I, of course, got too busy for a while, and now that I do have time again, I’m sick.
It’s just typical. :laughing:

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Omg, why am I just discovering this now?!

Your art work is amazing!!

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Thank you! :blush:

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Yeah life does that sadly. Hope you feel better soon :slight_smile:

The author is just great. And who would not say that but the cat looks amazing. I would like to look at the final work. Can I send it by mail?

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@The_Lady_Luck Are you good at drawing things multiple times? I’m looking for some concept art for a story I’m writing but I’m not entirely sure about character details (or any details really), so it might take a few tries

Thanks to those who brought this up to the top (I guess including one that’s … ignored)

@The_Lady_Luck Your artwork’s pretty amazing. I hope you’re managing to get some “practice” in (you don’t need it!).

Thanks for showing :slight_smile: