Drawing comics for you!

In that case, I’ll PM you the scene.

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I’m working on a noir-themed urban fantasy IF set on an alternate Earth in 1947. If that’s different enough (and of interest to you) let me know. Your style is very interesting; reminds me of my daughter’s work a little bit.


There a few short stories set in the UnNaturalverse that I don’t mind you using if you want the practice.


That sounds cool! And I’ll pretty much try anything.
Your daughter’s an artist? :smiley:

Cool! Where could I find those?

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Just click on the short stories tab. :slight_smile:

Edit: the stories do feature the MC sometimes but their gender is never mentioned so feel free to draw whichever you like. It was wrote like that so readers could insert themselves.


I don’t mind if you used my story for practice (in fact I think it’d be really really cool!!–no pressure tho! Do your thing :grin:). I also have shorter scenes on tumblr if you search for #scene or #scenario. Happy drawing, and very excited to see your new art regardless of the story from which you take inspiration!


The WIP thread with a link to the demo is here: https://forum.choiceofgames.com/t/good-intentions-wip-updated-08-december-2018/43043

No pressure, obviously, but feel free to contact me if it interests you.

She could outdraw me by the time she was eight (admittedly that’s a low bar). She’ll probably be doing the cover art for the book, whenever I actually get it finished :grin:


Ah, I have played and enjoyed that! Very much so, in fact. :blush:


To make it easier here is a direct link to the stories.



Feel free to use any scenes from Shepherds of Haven or Apex Predators, if anything speaks to you! :slight_smile:

Your art is great, by the way! I love the clarity and sharpness of the faces you draw and your shading and expressions are lovely! Love the costumes as well!


You are more than welcome to draw anything you find entertaining in Voltaic or ZOMB. The former has more people to draw and has appearance examples in the stats screen, and the latter has more action scenes. There’s nothing I specifically want drawn, so please draw whatever you find most engaging! And thank you for offering this, it’s very helpful as a writer to see how people would interpret my writing artistically.


Funny coincidence, I myself have been writing a script for a comic that I hope to find an artist for once it’s finished.

You said you wanted to challenge yourself by drawing different styles, right? How does comic art involving Funny Animals and/or Furry Art sound to you?


Hey great work , im in the process of making a short story about a female anti -hero with original power maybe marvel will Pick it up i sent the idea with the backstory but i cant draw and bring out the expressions needed


Your artwork is fantastic so you’ll definitely be getting inundated with requests from us authors. Feel free to use any scenes from The Magician’s Burden or any of my WIPs, like The Enchanter’s Misery or Mass Mother Murderer.


Oh, wow! Your artwork is amazing! I particularly love how you draw hair, and your costume designs are super detailed.

If you’re interested, I’m working on a gladiator themed game set in Ancient Rome, so you could have fun with the costume designs.

Also, it’s really kind of you to offer to do artwork for people for free. Do you do art professionally at all? You’re definitely talented enough to. :blush:


First of, thank you everyone!

I really appreciate the offers of using scenes from your WIPs, even if I might not take you up on it, as that sort of freedom of choice gets a bit too - chaotic(?) - for me. I’m not good with decisions, and prefer clear, limited options. if that makes sense?

@Nocturnal_Stillness I see what you are doing! You are trying to make me play through your game again, so I can look for physical descriptions of the characters. :wink: I have seen through your cunning plan!

@rinari Thank you! Faces are probably the thing i draw the most, so I’m glad all the practice is showing. :sweat_smile:

@Keeperixx I don’t know. There are so many people doing furry art all over the internet, so it feels more appropiate to find one of them to do it, since it’s what they love. Unless you are looking for a less cartoony, and more realistic, look?

@Samuel_H_Young Thank you very much!

Thank you! I do love giving my characters long, luscious locks. :purple_heart:
And making clothes is another hobby of mine, so that probably shows.

I don’t (though people have offered to buy my paintings before). It’s something I’ve always planned to do, in some way or another, but mental health issues and life circumstances have prevented me from getting to that point, so far.
Currently, I’m in the ironic position of not being able to receive monetary compensation, unless I can get enough to replace my current income completely. And that’s not a risk I’m able to take. :sweat_smile:

As for working for free, I don’t mind it, as long as people don’t ask me to do stuff they were planning to pay for. I don’t want to take paying work away from other artists.


*whistles innocently

Nope not me just trying to be helpful :innocent:


Well, that sucks. I guess the only advice I can think to give is to post your art around on as many sites as possible and gain a nice, big fan base, so that if you ever do start doing paid work, you’ll already have a large following, some of whom would be more than happy to pay for commissions. :blush:


I’m quite self-consious about my art, especially since it doesn’t have that polished look most other’s have.
And, well, the internet is nothing if not a giant feeding ground for inferiority complexes. So much talent, just a single click away…

So I’ve been putting it of for ages, thinking “I will do it again, when I reach the point where my art looks right”.

I’m hoping this whole thing can help me get back on track. :blush:


well the beauty about drawing , is that : 1) it come in draft first , thats how art is born . You make a small silhouette and peoples go '‘whistle look good so far ! Keep at it! ‘’ . which often translate as ‘I can see a shape , yay! I wanna see how it turn out!’’ . which is very positive when it’s a draft .

where writing , the draft is the breakfast for beta tester and that get you a sour face that say ‘‘yeah…that actually hurt reading. How about you fix ALL of that and I try again in a couples of years?’’ .

that’s So true…

I hope it get you back on track!

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