Dragon Racer (Discussion)



Imma just get straight to the point and ask if Allison is really dead or is she gonna come back? Cause damn, it broke my heart when she brought up the nickname she gave my character when they first met - that bit was heart-wrenching.

Please don’t let Allison die :c

But then again, I suppose our mc will be given a chance to learn the branch of magic relating to spirits which was mentioned in class to be capable of bringing back the dead, I hope that’s true. Of course, the ideal situation would be that dear Allison isn’t dead, since i want as much interaction with that sweet endearing personality of hers as much as possible.


There’s many ways to win every race…
I don’t remember what exactly I did but…instead of helping saren and nyx I ran away with cass


You can have Saren on the team?


Oh, I always choose for the groups to split into 2, though we never really do. I’m not sure if the weapon you choose gives you an advantage or not, but I always go with a bow and arrow. The only other choice you have to make is whether you and Cassius should return to your dragons, Dont. Find another way. That will give you the opportunity to steal another teams flag, which helps you win. This option probably works best with high Stealth stat.


It was a good read. Although i wanna do two things or three instead of choosing between just writting a letter and learning spirit


I am completely immersed into this story! Just started finals, though, and I see I am not the only one with the Finals Help bug. I had my character attend every class and always pay attention to make up for my own horrid memory, haha. So I know the wonderful @ToxicDreams is working on this issue, just wondering if, once fix, it will carry over into an update in an already started story or it’d only be in effect for new playthroughs? Just trying to decide if it is worth moving to a mew Choice of Games story and keep this one paused until an update comes out.

Thanks! Easily my favorite game/story so far, and I’ve played so many (including such classics as Choice of Robots and Metahuman Inc)! Keep it up, Toxic! <3


AHH…did you even play the game? If not then no spoiler for you…

on final team cup capture flag saren will replace you if your dragon got hurt and you choose not to participate


Hi all! I love this game so far, I can’t even count how many times I’ve replayed it in the past couple days. One of the things I’ve been trying to get is the ‘ask Saren to go to the festival with you’ option, it’s listed as a choice but it’s never available. Are there certain things I need to do beforehand?


actually we are in ‘ampleforth’ so it doesn’t make sense… I think you wanted to say ‘snakegairim’ since we visited this city thanks to the team cup.
look like I


You can only ask him to go with you if you’re male, it raises his friendship and gives you a romance point


I have noticed that there are times when equipment in inventory was needed but they were used only in race and to give gift…
I stole a dagger from a noble but when the time came it says I don’t have a weapon so I have to fight unarmed against the attacker in the forest

is it safe to assume that we are going to meet with nyx’s brother in the sequel?

My romance life is over… unless we get to meet another female in the sequel…

By the end of the game I have come to hate nyx more than I hated saren…


tl;dr(putting this at the top cause its so long): Amazing story, was exactly what i was looking for! I love dragons and am a sucker for high fantasy. Couldn’t put it down. Can’t wait for the sequel!

Holy crap, that was amazing!
This is exactly what I was looking for and I didn’t even know it. I’m a sucker for fantasy and basically anything involving dragons, especially with them as a companion!
I’d been looking for a good read, so when I saw that I could enjoy some amazing writing aswell as be a part of the story, i didn’t even hesitate to buy it.
And i find no regret in that decision whatsoever. I found my self staying up late and waking up early before work to read more. I love the characters and the bonds that you create with them, as well as the atmosphere and the world as a whole.
As far as length of the story goes, I think its fucking awesome its as long as it is. Then again, im the type of person who looks at a 18-book-long series, each title having around, or over 1000 pages, and takes it on with unmatched enthusiasm, so maybe thats just me.
In fact, i created a profile on this, and subscribed just to discuss this specific story with people, as well as get updates on the next one.

Getting into details of the story, I actually had a few questions(pretty spoiler heavy so im going to just blur it out):

My first thing is, I romanced Allison(I’m a sucker for freckles and Green eyes, as well as intelligent and shy romantics), and I was wondering if she always dies at the attack on the Territory, or if it was just my stupid decision to not attack the wyvern on when first confronting it.
I was also wondering if sending your parents money had any effect, as they don’t mention it in their letters back, and when we finally come back to our house, your father’s nor the farm’s condition seams to have improved at all, even though I sent literally all the money I had on me every chance i got, to them.

Anyways, sorry for the light novel i typed up there, I’ll tl;dr at the top.


Quick questions, I’m holding off on playing more till the 100% solo bug is fixed but:
Can Nyx only be jealous if you like Cassius
Cassius jealous when you like Nyx / Allison jealous when you like Shader?

Because I understand that in a coding sense, but in the sense that both Cassius and Allison are gender locked that you can only see jealous Nyx in a girl playthrough, even though she’s not gender locked herself.

Edit: I don’t know if it was mentioned or not, but it doesn’t let me choose my eyecolour at all it just skips straight to skin.


If i remember correctly she dies either way, she’s just doomed to die


It did let me choose my eye colour though…

And I don’t actually remember the jealous route… the only time they are jealous is when you first met Alex


I went Female > Custom name and it didn’t let me, it skipped straight to skin. It might be different for male or set names, at least.

When you’re asking for advice on wooing your chosen love interest, if you talk to a specific person and their romance points are above 5, they are set as *nyxjealous / *cassiusjealous / *allisonjealous, but, again it’s easily missable because it’s only if you have enough romance points and are on the right path.

I might reinstall and look through the code again to see if I can find out why the eye scene wouldn’t trigger for me.


I can’t work out the eye thing. If I insert a name, “E”, it gives me an eye choice, but if I insert “Ririe” it skips straight to skin choice with both genders. “Mana” skips, too, and if I manually insert one of the preset options “Nero” it skips also. “May” and “Le” have the same result, so I’m thinking it must be because of the length or something? It doesn’t look like an easy fix, at least.


Yes… I now remember the scene…
But I am not getting the eye problems like you…male or female…premade name or input name… I can choose the eye colour
I only wish I could show you the proof…


How do you get the option to ask for advice with the ROs? Whenever I get to that scene, I only get to choose “never mind”, even though I have a pretty good relationship both with the people I’m asking and the RO in question.


I didn’t get the jealous scenes when I dated both Nyx and Alison at the same time?


Two more are incoming. And the dagger part is purely an overlook on my part, I forgot all about the dagger and sword since I planned for them to come into play in the second book. :sweat_smile:

@Logan_McGoats I actually don’t know if it will effect the game or just new playthrough’s but you should pause just to see.

@maetropa I will definitely have to look into the eye one, I haven’t heard of that bug yet. But when it comes to the jealousy part. Nyx isn’t easily jealous so while writing there were some people, if flirting with both that didn’t seem like Nyx would be jealous. I would have to re-look at everything to see what causes what. Though, in the second book, jealousy will be larger since that’s when you start locking in.

Presets skip because it chooses it for you. But if you’re making a custom one then I’ll have to check.

@Mercy The money part was an oversight on me. Mostly because I always pictured them using the money to buy food for them and the animals, pay Jack, and keep up the house. Since none of your parents work and the only way they eat would be to buy. So I guess it could be interesting that if you don’t send money then that ending dinner scene doesn’t happen. :thinking:

@ADolphin One of them is messed up, the shader one, I just fixed it as I go through.