Dragon Racer (Discussion)



Are you a girl though? Because I saw that you can romance Saren only with a male MC


Haha, of course I was joking! I was just pointing out that the “he” who kissed the top of your head could’ve theoretically been any male character (since no name was specified – it just said “he”), and I jokingly threw Duncan’s name in the list of possible culprits because the idea of Duncan kissing anyone’s head is pure hilarious absurdity.


Sure. Here’s the tumblr link and then the deviant one. If you mean the one in the group picture then yes, that is Saren.


I’m assuming you mean the one where you’re chosen instead of Saren? If so, at the start of the race encourage your dragon to go faster. And when given the option use your magic (I always choose the fire arrow bomb option thing). Lastly, when making the sharp turn lean and move forward with your dragon.


Wait for real??? Darn, if that’s the case then I might join the Shader fan club


Spoiler! I wonder if this will make me unpopular but I had no problem sending Nyx away in the end, well besides the fact that the relationship with Shader decreased, don’t really like her character much. But does that mean she’ll be absent for the rest of the entire story? I wonder :thinking:


Oh man I stopped playing from where you can hold hands because I thought I just sucked at choices and I kid you not, replayed that part at least 30 times to try and Romance Cassius only to find out he’s gender locked. Was this said on the game page? Or just here? At some point I’ll finish the game but that really took me out of the story.


ROs’ preference are not usually advertised on the game page. Either this will be confirmed by the author themselves here or discovered by players through playthrough or from those who beta-test the game.


does anyone know the heights of cas, nyx, shader and saren?
I just saw the group photo on ToxicDreams profile and… Shader reminds me of Flynn (from Rapunzel) lmao :laughing: also,are those freckles/beauty marks on sarens face?


Allison has freckles that I can confirm, because the game says so…


Which capture the flag? The first one you do as a team or in the big race?


I think this was suppose to be romance point not relationship point…

That’s why Cass is acting weird and forgetting that he is straight and I am with Alison and not him.


Hello! I’ve purchased the game and it’s pretty great (I love my blue dragon!) but I can’t seem to play the second part? There’s a 403 error that pops up after I let Nyx see the pendant from the MC’s mother I’m not sure if additional information is needed, but my MC chose to take part in Cross Racing.

It’s popped up after I choose to let Nyx see the pendant a second time when I have a relationship over 50, and on another playthrough when my relationship with her was at 49

I think a few people have mentioned this bug as well, but there’s a stat error after the sunset scene. (I chose the second choice, something like “I’ve come to adore them; I want us to be a team.”)

It changes to Solo: 230% - Team Player: -?% (I don’t remember the exact number, sorry…) after I make the choice, and then resets to Solo: 100% - Team Player: 0% in the scene after, I believe.

I’m excited to finish the game once the bugs have been fixed though! :smile:


The first one you do where it gives you the option to split up into two, stay as a team or everyone goes solo


Hey guys please confirm this for me… even though I won all the 8 matches it’s showing I have won 7 matches…so I am not getting the champion racer achievement…is it me or its also a bug???


Yea wait till the update comes out lmao. I’m working through all of them now.

Did you also win the Rookie season? Basically did you win each and every one of them besides the Golden Chance ones?


Yes… I won

  1. rookie
  2. first puzzle
  3. First team lap
  4. Second puzzle
  5. First flag
  6. Second team lap
  7. Second flag
  8. Grand X
    I think it’s around 4th & 5th race because after winning 5 matches it was still showing I won only 4 matches.
    I will look into the code later to see where it went wrong for me…


I’ll start looking out for it too.



How did you win first flag?