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You can only ask for advice in specific matchups. You have to talk to Allison&Nyx for advice on Shader&Cassius, and talk to Cassius&Shader for advice on Nyx.

Yeah it’s definitely a custom. Strange that it hasn’t happened to anyone else, I actually didn’t know there even was an eye choice until someone complimented my “undefined eyes”! Haha.

If jealousy is more important in book two, will there be another chance later on to have it set? Since you can’t have Cassius jealous of Shader in that you can only ask for advice as a package deal.


Thanks, Toxic!


Thanks for the quick reply! It seems like it was a bug as Toxic stated in her previous post; I always tried asking Allison&Nyx, but my RO is Shader.

On that note, @ToxicDreams, I think I may have found another one: On the Golden chance races, when I race with my red dragon, I always get the Born Racer achievement if my dragon chooses to run on the ground, no matter what I do. However, when I pick the option to jump over the rock wall, the text clearly indicates I’m not in first (or second?) place anymore. I don’t know if you already know about it, or if it’s intentional, so I thought I’d give you a heads up.


I’m not so thank you for bringing it to my attention. That whole area I might need to read through slowly.

I’m not quite sure I know what you mean by this.


@nulCat Nooooooo, my heaaaart so was so fuckin adorable. Well, atleast it wasn’t my fault.


Does anyone know the “Arched Pull” move for Dressage?


Earlier you said

Though, in the second book, jealousy will be larger since that’s when you start locking in.

so I was wondering, if jealousy plays a larger role, will there be another point in time where you can trigger the jealousy flag, possibly in different combinations? Like, Cassius jealous if you like Shader, or etc.


Hey… I found it.

It’s the fifth match (first capture the flag)…
In the code
*set won +1
is missing…

#Neck arched, light stepping, and back Dragon up.


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I try to romance Shader and i’m at the part when i visited him in the cave and talked about theoretical crushes. After that i visited Nyx and chose ‘friends’ option. Then there was a scene to hang out with two people and game told me it would be good moment to ask for romantic advice. Either go to Shader and Cass or Alisson and Nyx. Since i want to romance Shader, i chose to go to Allison and Nyx for advice, bet when i approached them my only option was “Never Mind” and i went to sleep. Is that correct with his romance path or i did something wrong?


No it was a bug that I had to fix.


@ToxicDreams my only complain about the game is the choices that goes
wrong choice
true choice
wrong choice

im not a fan of false choices (i call them false choices because they are predetermined and no matter how high your stats are you still fail, for example, you have a choice to speed up and pass a rival, you have high speed yet the choice is determined as wrong and you end up failing even though your skill is high), i hope the 2 book the choices are more based in the stats rather than wrong / true predetermined outcomes, i tryed to do a hard turn with my dragon and end up failing when my dragon and my mc have amazingly high stats for maneuver and speed etc… kinda dissapointing that aspect.of the game.


Sorry, didn’t know. But. Hey. That. Is. Fun.


I also want to figure that out


Unpopular opinion: I really love Saren. I hated him at first and wanted nothing more than to punch his teeth out, but after replaying, and choosing to romance him, I absolutely adore him and feel really bad. He cheated, but it was to make his father proud cuz he was abused and wanted to prove his father wrong.

I can’t wait til the second book where I can fully experience his romance. I love him so much!!


Same here, what he went/is going (?) through doesn’t excuse him of his actions but it makes them more understandable, and if you befriend him he realizes his mistakes and apologizes stuff so… YAY character progress lol I’m glad I’m not the only one that likes him and can’t wait to romance him


Echoing the above posts, I adore Saren as well. His growth is really rewarding to see, if you give him a chance. And oh my god, the moment on the camping trip when he decides to rest his head in MC’s lap and is all ‘yeah you don’t really want me to move’. You cocky little bastard, let me love you.

I also come bearing bug reports, but nothing too serious. First off, I got some repeating text here…


Then during a race, MC apparently got so distracted by Saren that he forgot his dragon’s name. Twice!



Lastly, I’m not sure this one is actually a bug, but it does seem like an odd statement, since it takes place after MC already has invited Saren to hang out with them, when the gang went to the tavern.

Lastly, a question - does it matter what position you elect to take in the team? I’ve tried both Protector and Aggressor, and didn’t spot a difference in how things played out.


No, but it will in the second book. A lot of the things that don’t seem to matter now, will in the second.


This is one of the best CoG I’ve played in a while. Not to say that recent releases such as Chronicon Apocalyptica is bad, but this reminds me of The Lost Heir trilogy.

What Dragon Racer falls flat compared to TLH though, is the diverging paths. TLH does a fantastic job in giving you agency to build the character you want, and it’s rare you’ll run into continuity problems where your choice doesn’t line up with the story told. However, it’s pretty clear that you’re meant to play Dragon Racer as Good/Golden Dragon/Magic. Try any other branch, and you’ll likely run into bugs that breaks the gameplay experience.

Also, trying to be Evil is like dreaming to become Lex Luthor, but discovering that you’re just roleplaying a snotty, whiny brat who turns you off completely five minutes into the game. It’s why I normally dislike Good/Evil meters in CoG: the game’s brand of good and evil never truly matches yours. For example, I think that killing a bad person to save a good person constitutes as good karma. In this game though, it is almost certainly going to be bad karma. The difference in moral belief is jarring to say the least.

Other than that, the game’s has a fantastic story, incredibly detail, meticulous character building so on and so on. This could easily be an novel and I’d still buy it if I find it in a book store. Fantastic stuff.