Dragon Poop for Sale (WIP) Update 9/21/16

Keeper Wanted!

Step into a world of mystery and wonder.
Room and Board included!
If interested please contacter Ms. Wetherston for details.

Dragon Poop for Sale

You are just an average Joe looking for a job. After applying for a simple position of "Keeper"
from a place called the Silver Dragon you are suddenly tossed into a not so new but still strange world…

Peculiar store fronts, glowing charms, and dragon eggs. Step into a
world of magic, where everything you thought was true is stood on its head.

Will you be able to survive in this new and strange world?

Author info + Backstory

Greetings everyone! My name is C. Mae Cameron aka LadyKuonji.
I have been ghosting the CoG website for almost a year now and have another story in the WIP section called Tales of the Dra: Fate. Unfortunately due to unforeseen computer issues (both viruses and writer/programmer difficulties) that story has been put on hiatus for a while until I can rewrite everything I have lost. But until then… I present to you Dragon Poop for Sale!

This story is heavily influenced by the TV shows The Librarians and, Warehouse 13 (with just a dash of Supernatural and Leverage).

In this tale you, the main character, are an average Joe who is looking for a job. While looking through the newspaper you find an ad asking for help manning a shop called “Silver Dragon”, the position which they need filled is known as “The Keeper”. However nothing is as simple as it seems and you are suddenly thrust into the world of the supernatural.

As the Keeper it is your duty to hunt down and find the missing, lost, or stolen artifacts. Return those that can be returned to their rightful owners, and the artifacts that can’t be returned lock them away.

Demo Goes Here
Dragon Poop for Sale (WIP): Demo

Planned features in the game:

  • Ten or more chapters
  • Artifacts from multiple different cultures
  • At least 4-8 romance options (not sure yet)
  • Magic!
  • Personalized player home (This is just an idea but if I can get it to work it will be awesome!)
  • Each chapter is a new mission with a new artifact to hunt down!

Artifacts Planned for Story

  • Dracula’s red pendent
  • Baba-Yaga’s house
  • Banshee’s comb
  • Kelpie’s ring
  • Dragon’s heart (like from the movie Dragon Heart)
  • Weretiger artifact
  • The Crystal Balls from The Labyrinth
  • And Many more!

Also I would like some help with coming up with a quirky or clever title for my ‘Health’ stat.
If anyone has any suggestions I would be forever grateful.


Certainly a title that caught my attention, that’s for sure. :laughing:

When I first went into this, I was expecting it to be charming or whimsical, but I didn’t really get any of that reading what you have out so far.

Still, once you get your computer sorted out I’ll be willing to dive more into it once you’re up to speed.

My 2 cents on a health pun: Fightality: how long you’re able to go on


Oh…I thought there was actual dragon poop for sale… well I um…imma go in my corner now…

10 minutes later

Anyways the customized player homes would really be an interesting idea, if you could find a way to intertwine our vast imagination into our homes we wouldn’t need much specific details about our homes.


No! Come back…

Trust me there will be poop for sale…

after 10 minutes

Oh welcome back!
I hope the player home works, I was thinking about making it so that it influences your stats.
Ex) Having more books gives you a higher level of “Bat Manning”


the title is definitely eye-catching :smile: I’m interested to see how it develops, seems to be a fun read

Well i loved Warehouse 13 so this game has my interest :smiley:

So I really like the sound of this wip but as I was looking at the skills I noticed something… There was no sneak stat is that because you didbt want to add it or because you forgot it? I’m just asking because when I think of fantasy I think of sneaky rogue


Yeah the title is definitely awesome, all the best for both your projects :slight_smile:

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This game sounds awesome.I thought it would only be about buying or selling dragon poop at first, for some reason I’m slightly disappointed it’s not :sweat_smile:

That stat wouldn’t be very good at sneaking if you could see it. :smirk:

In all honesty I just didn’t type it in. Don’t worry it will be there in the next update, which should be today.


I am super excited for this. I honestly had no idea what to expect from the eye-catching title, other than that it has to be awesome. I do like the chapter/artifact setup, very unique.

Are you still looking for a health name? I assume it’s just the percentile stat designation you’re referring to. Given the mystical yet playful tone of your proposal, may I suggest variations on “Vigor,” “Constitution,” “Salubrity,” or “Hardiness”?

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Oh goodie, I am glad to see this topic is still alive! When today shall the update be?

There has been a small update.

However it is just a continuation of the Preface. Hopefully by tonight (7-9 pm eastern time US) I will have the beginnings of chapter 1 up!


Just letting you guys know there is an update to the story. I also will be updating later tonight (sometime after 9pm).

New Demo Link

Please inform me of any issues you are having when playing the story and I will try to fix them in the next update.


Welcome back also lol at the stat descriptions :joy:

I choose the second option

Thank you for telling me I am going to look at it and try to fix it.

I fixed it so it should work now. :slight_smile:

And here I thought this literally selling dragon poop😂 like how thing will going by the way, I found this t-(what it name again?)

  • “What what that?” Ms. Wetherson’s voice squeaked making her sound almost mouse-like
    the second what part

didn’t know if you made it like this on purpose thought

Hold on, hold on, don’t dismiss that out of hand as that might not be such a bad idea, might make a terrific fertilizer or maybe it has rare chemical properties/components that we could extract and sell to big Pharma. Either way it might just net our mc some badly needed extra cash. :grinning:

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