Donor: A Vampire Victim's Tale [GAME RELEASED!]

Thanks for the update @DenaFan!!!

I have to admit I was curious, but I didn’t want to press you. Can’t wait to read your work when it’s finally finished!

Ta dahhh!!

Chapter 1 (of 5) now on fanfiction! Will get round to releasing the other chapters when life isn’t so crazy…
Decider, a donor fanfic | FanFiction

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@DenaFan, I just finished chapter 2 and IT IS SO GOOD!

Seriously, I’m blown away. :heart_eyes:


Glad you like it so far, Elena. :grinning: I’ve just put Chapter 3 onto Fanfiction! I decided to be daring with a certain scene in this one. Hope that my gamble pays off!


I’m way too excited about this… :grin:

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Sorry if you’re busy…
Have you finished reading the story yet, Elena? So far, only one person has reviewed. :worried:


Hey @DenaFan my company is in the middle of rebranding and I’ve been working nights and weekends to get everything out the door on time :weary:.

I’ll make time to read/review this week, just didn’t want to read/review it half-assed under a deadline.

With that said, if there’s anyone on this thread that hasn’t checked out @DenaFan 's work (and I realize not many people check out this thread now that the game has been released), I highly suggest that you do so. @DenaFan has an AMAAAZING fanfic that could be an entire novel in its own right.


Sorry to hear about your increased workload, Elena. Hope that things will be okay.
But thanks for your comments!

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Thanks for your patience, @DenaFan, blocked off some time to read it this evening!

I didn’t expect to fall so head over heels in love with this, but damn, I desperately want a sequel with Charles and Lenore wreaking havoc together, now. This will live rent-free in my mind from here on out.

A merry life, and all that :wink:


Aww thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

I have trouble picturing a scenario where those two don’t kill each other in the process, but I’m sure there’s a universe where they manage to pull it off. :wink:


IDK, man. In the scenario where they are vampire slayers together, it seems like Charlie has a real soft spot for good ol’ Lenore.

Me, I’m still always imagining the sequel would be with Lenore’s babe, Sam


Not saying a happy ending isn’t possible… I just imagine Charlie’s gonna change a lot over the next few years.

If I ever create a sequel, that would likely be the one.


This is possibly the best ending of the series.

But man do I hate charlie.

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Hi Elena! Whilst mindful of Lenore’s/the MC’s birthday (coming up soon) as an excuse to play ‘Donor’ again, I thought I’ll play the game again - this time via the less-travelled route of telling Charles about the likelihood of him not being turned.

I’ve just got to the stage where Richard has frogmarched Deirdre into B14, and I’ve [spoiler]
complied with getting Deirdre’s bracelet off her arm, and the text reads: ’ “I’m sorry,” you whisper as the watch comes free.’

Two paragraphs later, my character is asking “What do you want me to do with the bracelet, Rich?”

I realise that it’s an error, as the other story route involves Mrs Grayson’s watch - but I thought, even at this late stage, I should mention it.

On another playthrough, I found that it was possible to go clean of Xanax and poison Charles, and have the opportunity to be turned - even though I had allowed the choking guy in the laundry room to die! Doesn’t logically figure, but I guess the going clean of Xanax trumps the choking guy dying factor in the computer workings of the story.

PS: Being a perfectionist, I’m making a few edits to ‘Decider’ and updating to Fanfiction! Just adding some minor details. :grinning:

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Ha! I love that you remembered Lenore’s birthday! :birthday:

Ugh, this is the worst kind of bug because it’s just bad enough to be distracting, yet just innocuous enough for me to wonder if there’s a greater risk in trying to fix it than leave it in (especially given how long it’s been since I’ve looked at the code). Will need to give it some thought…

IIRC, going clean would trump allowing the man in the laundry room to die wrt the vampire ending. I guess–to me–this doesn’t present a huge plot hole since the MC might not require as many victims to as poor Charlie, but I can certainly see your point there. If I had it to do all over again, I’d probably add a more nuanced ending and starve the MC to death instead. :smiling_imp:

YESSSS! Let me know when you’re finished, I’ll definitely be checking them out!!!

Her birthday is directly between two of my favourite musicians: Mike Oldfield and Enya. Also, remember I thanked you for making the MC a Taurean? :grinning: My day’s not very different from Lenore’s!

“YESSSS! Let me know when you’re finished, I’ll definitely be checking them out!!!”

Thanks for your ongoing interest, Elena. Chapters 1-3 of ‘Decider’ have been edited on Fanfiction. Still got the other two to do - but have got a lot going on lately, so I’ll get round to it!

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Okay, Elena. I’ve just re-loaded Chapters 4 and 5 of ‘Decider’ to Fanfiction. I’ll check to see if they now contain my edits, in due course. Hopefully, that’s the last of work for that story (allowing me to get back to working on another vampire-themed story for that website). :wink:

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Thanks @DenaFan ! :heart_eyes: Looking forward to checking them out!

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