Well it could be cloth canvas or leather and yes small oblong steel plates that was basically for wealthy men who could afford it like men at arms or knights.

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This is really good, can’t wait for the next update.

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Could there be more romance?

It’s really good, congratulations

I do plan in adding a few more RO’s, but romance isn’t really the main focus of the game. You’re an ex-royal, commoners can marry for love, but for you it’s pure practicality.

This whole story/game is an attempt out of my comfort zone, so who knows maybe as I develop my writing skills this will change.

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Thanks, appreciate it.

I’m 100% not a historian nor an expert, and keep in mind this is a fantasy. If we’re going Medieval then the most common type of armor was probably a gambeson made of linen or wool. In Dominion leather is mostly used mostly in combination with other armors like bronze or cloth.


FauxCoeur, please let me know when you are ready to have this thread reopened.

I just played the demo. It’s really great, glad that the topic is reopened. One thing, do you think that you will be adding to the stats page so you can see your stats.

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I know it’s little confusing right now, not being able to see your stats. I’m almost finished working on an update, stats will be included.

Untill then just know the first skill you pick about your parent will be highest, followed by the second skill.


Chapter 2’s complete. The added scene is mostly lore.


I’ve been watching alt history bronze and iron age and what do you know this game appears and it’s fucking amazing

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I feel like this is a stupid question but will religion be a major factor or just something to identify with?

It’s not stupid at all! It’ll be a bit of both. I haven’t touched upon religion much because I’m still thinking up the lore as I go :sweat_smile:


Nice, can’t wait for more!

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Does a Spy/espionage program that can destabilize nations and assassinate high ranking officials sound like a good idea or is it advanced for this time frame?

It’s an entirely plausible idea, especially for a certain great nation. But a very, very expensive venture.


Glad this WIP is back!


Also I’m wondering if you’re adding a desert region with camels and horses as transportation and Bedouin people or something similar to them
(Im Definitely not arab)

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