District X: Uprising (WIP)

So I’ve been working on a project for a while and decided why not and just post a WIP about it. That and the fact that I want to see if it actually sounds interesting and maybe see what you guys would rather see in a CoG like this. So thank you all who responds and what not. If I ever find out how to set a beta link of the darn thing then I’ll post it as well. This is also the first part of the trilogy.

District X: Uprising

It’s been years since World War 3 has ravaged the planet and though countries have recovered and people have grown and moved on, not every one finds themselves safe from the escalding conflicts.

Play as a skilled and unique human hybrid known as second generation super soldiers or second gen for short raised under the cover of the Appalacian Mountains. You have all the skills of the first Super Soldiers and so much more. Survive in a world that has no idea you exist and for those who do know, are out to capture you for unknown reasons. Join a team of the most skilled second gens as you’re faced with challenges and tests that will define you as a person and a teammate. Will you be a respectful follower or a defiant leader? A teamplayer or a soloist who believes they can do everything themselves? Decisions that will shape the outcome of your survival and others like you.

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  • Currently there is only the first four chapters and the fourth chapter is not completely done.

I’m a little confused as to what you’re actually suggesting with this synopsis.

Are you making a post-apocalyptic game, or a dystopian one? What is this game actually about? Tell us about the plot, not the tone you’d like to take.

Style is nice, but substance is better. Who are we playing, what are we doing, why are we doing it.

Using the term ‘WIP’ is perhaps a bit grandiose as yet, it’s a paragraph and a couple of Hollywood taglines, tell us about the story you’d like to tell, then we can give better feedback.


The possibility of a new story is always interesting.

However, I have to agree with what’s already been stated. Your summary is a bit on the vague side. Doesn’t help that I can be a little dense, sometimes, haha. Is this a post apocalyptic game? Sounds fun!

Will we be playing as imaginary friends?

In any case, I can’t wait to learn more!

Can we have some more discretion on what we will do in it only a bit

@Moreau @Grey @Harley_Robin_Evans decided to just tag you guys in case you cared but I did change it, hoping to have captured the summary and what’s going on better. Thank you guys for telling me what to change in the first place.

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Definitely sounds interesting

U got my attention and good luck with the wip

sounds like it has great potential

Cool! I like the concept, and look forward to seeing future progress.

Is the setting modern, or on the futuristic side? Will the main goal be survival, or will we have other goals to work towards? Don’t have to answer these, of course. I’m just curious.

Certainly sounds interesting. Are we going to be able to learn more about the Third World War?

More about World War 3 was going to be in the story so I didn’t want to place it here.

Is the link working or is it popping up something about JavaScript?

nice,i like it, the scene talking deacon down after throwing a knife to the wall was amazing, maybe you should add a choice when he says that we are less skilled than the rest and give us the option to beat him , but beating him in argument is good enough too, aaah i really like our mc baddass personality :smile:

Is it supposed to be a download?

Yea, the link works but I haven’t found a way to have just the link. Dropbox isn’t my friend.

Can’t go on it to do with Dropbox

I believe I fixed it, though it’s still going to prompt you to download it.

There are instructions on how to post a direct link to your game via dropbox in this topic:

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Not entirely sure what the game is about?

However, I’m curious to see the game grow and more to be added. Currently it sounds somewhat promising.

Is it just me or whenever theres a hunting scene it always makes me feel like I’m in the hunger games and I got to use my bow cause it’s cooler, to use. One mistake I would mention is when you wrote told on some of the parts it’s suposed to be said. For examle bailey grined I knew you would come, she said. The only time you would use told is if someone told you something like a command or something like that the english language, is weird with all there pretenses.