Displaying Race In The Stat Screen: Resolved

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The game I’m currently making has races in it. I would like to display the MC’s race in the stat screen, but I don’t know how. Later on, there are classes and stuff that will also need to be displayed in the stat screen, too. So if someone could explain to me the method of doing this in detail, that would be appreciated.

While I’m at it, does anyone know how to change the “Stats Screen” button to display something else? I know it’s done in Choice of The Dragon, and if it’s at all possible I would like to do it in my game as well. It’s not really a huge deal if i can’t do it, though.

I tried going through the help section but I didn’t find anything that seemed to helpful. Sorry if this is something that’s already been asked.

What do you mean changing the “Stats Screen” button to display something else? As for the races thing, you can (let’s say your player passes the person in second place, so now they’re in second place, and you want to show that on the stats screen you could do something like this:
(After setting the variable “place number” to 2…)
Place: ${place_number}
Working with the Stats Screen is like any other scene, the same commands and stuff. If you could be a bit more clear on what exactly you want, I think I could help a bit more. (And what kind of race are you talking about? Like a race like in “The Race” Or just a user race thing against (like an Olympic runner?)

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Uh, In Choice of The Dragon, the words on the Stat Screen button say “My Dragon” Or something along those lines. I was wondering If anyone else knew how to do that, or if it’s even possible anymore.

By race I mean like, Human, Elf, Orc, whatever. So the Stat Screen would display:

Character Name
Character Age
Character Race
Character Class

Or whatever.

Sorry for not specifying well enough in my original post.

Name: ${name} Cylan'ar
Sex : ${gender}
Class: ${job}
Temp -- 
-- End of temp
  text Intelligence
  text Strength
  text Charisma
  text Dexterity
  text Cunning
  percent Luck
  percent Clan
  percent Notoriety

It just takes some playing around with, Change class to monster and that varible to whatever the variable to your game is…

As @DarthDovahkin mentioned, you could do that. Or, you could take a look at the CoG article for it. That’s where I learned anyway. And as for customizing the name of the stats screen to “my dragon”, I believe can be done in the index.html file. There should be a Wiki article on that somewhere, but I’m too lazy to find it. For the other thing, here’s what I would do:

For the Startup -

*create name "Max"
*create age 10
*create race "Vampire"
*create class "middle"

For the Stats Screen (Way 1) -

	text Name
	text Age
	text Race
	text Class

For the Stats Screen (Way 2) -

Name: ${name}
Age: ${age}
Race: ${race}
Class: ${class}

They both display this:

Hope that helps! :wink:


Apparently I’m missing something really obvious, haha.

In this game there are several different races to choose from, and I guess I’m just missing something simple because what you’ve both said just further confuses me.

Do I just do what you guys said, and then when the person makes their choice have a command after like:

*set race “human”

Or something like that?

Geez, I feel really stupid right now.

After 20 minutes of messing around, I think I was finally able to wrap my head around this.

It’s actually pathetic I got so mixed up.

In the startup

*set race “Unknown”

After the choice

*set race “Human”

to display in the stat screen

Race: ${race}

Maybe it took me so long to wrap my head around it because I was expecting something more complex. Anyways, thanks to those that helped.

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