Exclude stats if variable is true

Hello, sorry for the stupid question. I’m sure this question must have been answered somewhere else, but I can’t for the life of me find it. In my choice game, I want to players to be able to choose name, gender, and race. I also want one race, the humans, to be excluded from training in magic. I want the magic stat to appear in the stats screen for every other race, but not for humans. Is there a way for the magic stat to be excluded from the stat screen if race_human is true?

You can only have one race at a time, I assume?


If so, you can write it like this:

*if (race_human = false)
      percent Magic

What race are you?

        *set race "human"

And then on stats screen 

*if race != human
   Magic: ${magic}

Edit: Toooo slow! And Cecilia answers better with the specific stats you said you had.


Thanks so much for the answer! I’m used to Java, so I tend to overthink commands. I’m still surprised by how simple Choicescript is.

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You should probably wrap the second “human” inside quotes, though :slight_smile: