Different by WiReDcHiMpAnZeE and Jake self


A game far from being planned


in the year 3785 the whole world does the exact same thing, every one is boring and dull even as kids, and its been this way for centuries, but then you were born, and you were different, because of your rebelliousness you get called before the leaders a group of 5 men who decide everything for everyone and noone can do.anything about it, the story revolves around you trying to start a revolution and getting people to have personalities again like they did in present day


Good plot sound like george lucas THX cult film


Ohh, some of your plot points make me think of ‘The Giver’, which is one of my favorite books. Look forward to seeing where this goes.


The giver who its about? Maybe i read it in spanish here translators tent to dont translate titles literaly


Wow, ah The Giver in a really quick condensed version…

Government controls everything, what you do, what you see, your job. There is a career day, where children start their job that the council has selected for you. Main boy has always been special, sees things he is not supposed to, etc., so they assign him to work with the Giver, the man who keeps records of everything that was. He teaches him to read, to see colors, he hears music for the first time, and to see the world with his own eyes. Boy finds out that the world he knows is not such a great place (they like to kill sick babies and old people) and in the end escapes to go live in a different society that does not follow the same principles as the one he grew up in.

So, there was just one or two things that seemed similar in my mind. All in all, the game and The Giver sound quite different.


No im no read that book but is similar to first episode of futurama.@wolfwriter dont you think sci fi has so recurrent typical themes as fantasy? But your story have a big potencial i hope the character can use his differencies to regain the power like historical rebolucinaries the changes can be a miracle or a course. Different i like the title


it roblay isnt appening


i wont be made until 2016 problay lol


There is very little that is original in the world anymore @MaraJade, this is true. I see it all the time in books, movies, music, etc. They all start to follow a certain formula, with only minor changes here and there to switch things up. It is a really hard thing to get away from though; I know I do it in both my games Dare to Dream and Empowered, they are motifs taken from these genres and used in a slightly different way. That doesn’t make it less interesting (I hope lol) but it also is not original either, but for this I am okay with that.

Anyways, I agree that this game Different sounds like it has a lot of potential.


I forgot dare to dream its yours!!! I like it a lot remember me a bicentenary men, i dont like men pat but my little secretary has her revenge. You are my number one writer in this site


I like it.


I love how NOTHING is considered original anymore…


That’s not true. Nothing has ever been original. Certain patterns in stories repeat themselves all throughout myths from many cultures. Shakespeare’s plays were often retellings of older stories, as are many other famous tales we know. Creativity simply isn’t what people traditionally think of it as.

I like the plot, although it’s reminiscent of a lot of dystopian literature. This isn’t bad. It’s what you do with it. I look forward to seeing your work.


Im not working on it i just came up with basic outline and name, rest will be up to @Jacobself


@Farside you got the point , the second part of the Cervantes don quijote never exist if a bad writer didnt try to steal the story and publish a horrible story by himself , a story so bad that Cervantes had to write the end of don quijote to never ever happen again in 16th century doesnt exist copyright