Dice & Dungeon Masters - WIP

Picked three colours but only gave me the two choices

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Lonily thank you for spotting this bug! I’ll aim to have this fixed with the next update.

I have concluded the poll on how to procede with in game roleplaying seccions and the winner by a landslide was:

which was what I was hoping for. Thank you to all those voted, I really appreciate it! To those that wished for a different outcome on the polling, I hope the more detailed sections will satisfy and I will do my best to make it so. Also, regarding the randomised sections, think of them a little like random encounters in a table top game . . . I’m hoping to make several files worth of them and divide them up into appropriate sections (i.e. some will in town encounters, some dungeon encounters, some overland encounters, etc.), so that when they are called forth, they will fit into the roleplaying seccion setting and plot wise . . . I’m really optimistic that this approach will help speed the game creation along once I am back at it.

Progress on my other presented game project S&S is still coming along, though maybe a month or two till that update is complete. Probably still at ETA of this summer for work to resume on Dice & Dungeon Masters.

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